Huawei Unveils a New Version of Huawei Cloud Stack to Accelerate Intelligent Upgrade for Enterprises in the Asia-Pacific Market

HONG KONG, April 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Huawei today officially unveiled Huawei Cloud Stack 8.2 for the Asia-Pacific market at the Huawei Hong Kong and Macau Partner Summit 2023. The theme of this summit is “Grow Together, Win the Future.” This latest version of Huawei Cloud Stack provides trusted cloud-native infrastructure, rich cloud services, and extensive industry know-how. It is designed to help enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region speed up intelligent upgrade. Also, Huawei announced the establishment of the Asia-Pacific Huawei Cloud Stack Innovation Lab.

Hu Yuhai, Vice President of Huawei Cloud Stack, said, “We hope to leverage Huawei Cloud Stack 8.2 and the Asia-Pacific Huawei Cloud Stack Innovation Lab to bring new vitality to the Asia-Pacific hybrid cloud market while accelerating intelligent upgrade and unleashing digital power for more enterprises.”

Huawei Cloud Stack 8.2, The Preferred Choice for Intelligent Upgrade

Huawei Cloud Stack is a trusted on-premises cloud solution. Deployed on-premises, it improves security and compliance. Synchronized with services from the public cloud, it also allows for continuous iteration. Huawei Cloud Stack has been taking three approaches to inspire technological innovation and create new value for more industries:

Three Visions of Huawei Cloud Stack for Innovation

Establish Trusted, Resilient Cloud-native Infrastructure

Robust service resilience is key to cloud migration of all workloads. To enhance resilience of cloud infrastructure, Huawei Cloud Stack provides high reliability, diversified computing power, high security, efficient storage, full-mesh networks, and efficient cloud management.

We have provided a range of scenario-specific disaster recovery (DR) solutions, including intra-city active-active and cross-region HA solutions, for automated failover. Plus, DR services and fine-grained DR allow tenants to create custom DR policies. We have designed an end-to-end security protection system consisting of one security operations center and seven layers of protection, which transforms passive response to proactive defense. The system also provides more than 100 detection models and over 50 playbooks. 90% of alarms can be closed in minutes. ManageOne, our intelligent cloud management platform, provides comprehensive management capabilities covering services, operations, and maintenance. Its unique multi-level cloud resource pool management architecture is able to match with intricate organizational structures of enterprises.

Offer Rich Cloud Services to Make Innovation Easier

Huawei Cloud Stack shares the same architecture as the Huawei public cloud, so it is able to continuously evolve cloud services and helps customers use the latest cloud services to promote innovation in data, AI, and applications.

We have developed ModelArts, an AI development pipeline. It provides a complete set of AI development tools, including data management, data labeling, algorithm development, model training, and inference deployment. It addresses the problem of inefficient AI application development, caused by fragmentation, lots of customization needs, and isolated environments. Plus, ModelArts helps efficiently operationalize AI in a wide range of industries such as mining, meteorological prediction, and biomedicine. GaussDB, MapReduce Service (MRS), and Data Warehouse Service (DWS) are our three major products designed for data innovation. GaussDB is an online transaction processing (OLTP) database product that provides outstanding performance, reliability, and security. It allows customers to move their core databases to a distributed architecture. MRS provides a high-performance, real-time data lake. DWS provides an enterprise-grade data warehouse service that delivers both T+1 online analytical processing (OLAP) and real-time hybrid transaction/analytical processing (HTAP). In terms of application innovation, Cloud Container Engine (CCE), from Huawei Cloud Stack, is 100% compatible with Kubernetes APIs and provides a one-stop O&M platform to monitor and manage application statuses. ROMA Connect can also be used for efficient governance of data, information, and APIs.

Consolidate Extensive Industry Know-how for Shared Excellence

Huawei Cloud Stack has extensive experience enabling cloud transformation of customers in many industries. We have provided professional services and industry-specific solutions by working with partners to help customers move to, use, and manage cloud with ease.

We have released more than 30 industry-specific solutions including national AI cloud, national government cloud, and financial cloud solutions. All of these solutions are pre-integrated and verified on the cloud platform and with partners’ applications. These solutions provide an architecture reference for customers in those industries. We have launched more than 70 professional services, covering multiple phases such as top-level design, implementation, and operational excellence. The services share our professional expertise with customers.

Asia-Pacific Huawei Cloud Stack Innovation Lab

To empower local customers and partners to promote innovation for more scenarios, Huawei Cloud Stack has established an Asia-Pacific innovation lab in Hong Kong, China. The innovation lab will be open to customers and partners and will be used for tasks as diverse as software and hardware verification, POC testing, and talent cultivation.

Accelerate Intelligent Upgrade and Unleash Digital Power for Asia-Pacific Enterprises

Huawei Cloud, constantly innovating by sticking to the vision of “Everything As a Service”, has become a brand trusted by global customers. Backed by the extensive customers and partners, we are now the fifth largest cloud vendor in the world, the second largest cloud vendor in China, and the fastest-growing cloud among the top 5 clouds in emerging markets of Asia.

In Indonesia, Huawei Cloud Stack’s hybrid cloud solution helped CT Corp, one of the local leading groups, deploy a customer data platform (CDP), which reduces TCO by 25% and improves overall business performance by 30%.

In Thailand, Huawei Cloud Stack partnered with Siriraj Hospital, one of leading public hospitals in Thailand, to develop a smart hospital, a hospital that infuses tech advances into nine different hospital scenarios, like AI-powered image reading, unmanned drug delivery vehicles, and 5G-based ambulances.

In China, Huawei Cloud Stack helped Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) deploy a financial data lake with more than 4,000 nodes, the most of any lake in the industry. It moved all of ICBC’s mission-critical applications to the cloud, including those for big data risk control and real-time anti-fraud and anti-money laundering detection.

The Asia-Pacific market has seen a blossoming of digital transformation. It has been imperative for enterprises in the market to dive into cloud innovation. Moving forward, Huawei Cloud Stack intends to continue spearheading innovation, staying focused on industry needs, and joining hands with customers and partners to help enterprises in the Asia-Pacific market accelerate intelligent upgrade and light up a digital future.

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