Huawei Releases 6 Scenario-Specific Storage Solutions for Finance

SINGAPORE, July 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — At the Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit 2022, Huawei released six scenario-specific storage solutions for the finance industry, helping financial customers build a data-centric, trustworthy storage foundation.

Dr. Peter Zhou, President of Huawei IT product line

During his keynote speech, Dr. Peter Zhou, President of Huawei IT product line, explained how data is the catalyst to drive innovation in finance. He also noted the four major challenges of data storage:

New data applications are continuously generated, evolving from traditional database applications into distributed database, big data, and AI applications. Huge data growth requires faster real-time data analysis and processing. Due to the impact of disasters and virus attacks to economic losses, data protection has become vital. Green and energy-efficient tech is a must-have for new-age storage.

Huawei focuses on six key data scenarios, including production & transaction, data analytics, data protection, and develops innovative storage that serves as a reliable, efficient data foundation for financial customers.

Production and Transaction Acceleration

OceanStor Dorado all-flash storage enhances both NAS and SAN capabilities, achieving a latency of just 0.05 ms, to accelerate core banking services by 3-fold and processing of mass small files during data exchange by 100%.

Data Analytics Acceleration

OceanStor Pacific HDFS storage adopts a decoupled storage-compute architecture, on which it innovatively supports data format convergence for lakes and warehouses. This allows data to be queried immediately after being imported to a lake, enabling real-time big data analytics from T+1 (today + 1 day) to T+0 with lowest TCO to help operators make efficient, well-informed decisions.

All-Scenario Data Protection

OceanStor Dorado supports the first-ever integrated SAN & NAS active-active solution; OceanProtect backup storage delivers 3x higher backup bandwidth and 5x higher recovery bandwidth, greatly shortening the backup window; and the ransomware protection storage solution covers both primary and backup storage to comprehensively protect against ransomware threats.

Automatic Management

The intelligent Data Management Engine (DME) automates the entire data lifecycle. From planning, deployment, O&M, to optimization, the whole process is visualized, controllable, and traceable, improving resource efficiency by 20% and slashing OPEX.

VMware Cloud Platform Storage

OceanStor Dorado can be integrated with the VMware cloud platform to provide E2E automatic resource provisioning and centralized O&M. It also delivers 99.99999% availability and an ultra-low 0.05 ms latency, to facilitate seamless cloud migration of financial data.

Container Storage

OceanStor Dorado NAS decouples containerized applications from storage to facilitate on-demand expansion of compute and storage resources. Other benefits include 10x higher performance for mass small files, cross-node data sharing, and 30% faster resource scheduling than the industry benchmark.

Dr. Peter Zhou stressed the importance of reliable storage in a digital world. He said, “We are ushering in the yottabyte data era, where more data applications are being released and more data is being produced. Huawei data storage will help financial customers build a data-centric, trustworthy storage foundation to drive digital transformation.”

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