Huawei Holds LATAM ICT Congress 2022 to Light up Digital LATAM with MBB

CANCUN, Mexico, June 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Together with GSMA Intelligence and ITU, Huawei hosted the LATAM ICT Congress 2022, aiming to build a global industry communication platform and promote the rapid development of 5G and digital transformation in Latin America. Representatives from operators, regulators, industry organizations, 5G ecosystem partners, analysts, and media partners attended the congress.

LATAM ICT Congress 2022

Focusing on the theme — MBB Lighting up Digital LATAM — leading 5G operators and industry representatives delivered keynote speeches to share their success experiences with 5G and explore the road to ICT digital transformation in Latin America. As one of the operators who first put 5G into commercial use, LG U+ from South Korea talked about the key factors to becoming a pioneer in 5G. 5G operators in Latin America, including América Móvil Mexico, Vivo Brazil, and Telecom Argentina, shared innovative and leading 5G commercial cases in different regions. Green Packet, the CPE provider, shared their insights on how to accelerate 5G FWA monetization. GSMA Intelligence, an authoritative analyst institution, also explained the value of 6 GHz spectrum and the future industry trend.

Huawei has launched a series of 5G/5G-Ready products and solutions for diversified MBB spectrum scenarios in Latin America. In TDD continuous large-bandwidth spectrum scenarios, Huawei’s next-generation TDD extremely large antenna array (ELAA) with Massive MIMO technology improves performance while reducing energy consumption. In the FDD inventory spectrum evolution scenarios, the FDD ultra-wideband multi-antenna solution (4T-8T-Massive MIMO) maximizes spectrum value. In addition, Huawei has launched an intelligent multi-band coordination solution — HashBAND — to deliver optimal user experience in scenarios where FDD and TDD frequency bands coexist.

Representatives from Claro Perú, Vivo Brazil, GSMA, and Huawei had a discussion under the theme of “The Road of 5G: Lighting up Digital LATAM”, sharing the unique value of 5G enabling digital transformation, and exchange views on how to quickly deploy 5G and monetize 5G value in Latin America. Cross-generation experience is the foundation of high-quality 5G networks, and large-bandwidth Massive MIMO is integral for operators to build high-quality 5G networks.

As more 5G spectrum becomes available, 5G will thrive in Latin America. Major countries in this region, such as Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Peru, have deployed 5G networks, and many operators have launched 5G commercial packages and are actively exploring new applications for individual consumers, families, and industries.