Huawei Holds Inaugural CXO Cloud-Camp to Light Up Indonesian Digital Future

Leading Indonesian CTOs Collaborate with Industry Pioneers to Craft Vision for Digital Transformation

BALI, Indonesia, Aug. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Huawei Cloud Indonesia organized the first CTO joint innovation event CXO-Camp in Bali, Indonesia on August 24-26, 2023.

Launching of CXO Engine program

The event, themed “Together for Digital Evolution,” was attended by notable CTO and executives from global and national companies, including Deloitte Consulting, eclicktech, RCTI+,  Astra Digital Arta, and BNC.

The participants shared their innovative insights and practical perspectives on digital transformation, encompassing trends in digitalization, application of advanced technologies, and business opportunities arising from the artificial intelligence (AI) wave. The shared objective was to make significant contributions to the growth of Indonesia’s digital economy while charting new pathways for the evolution of the country’s digital sector.

Empowering innovation, leading technology, and shaping the future of the digital economy

Indonesia, a nation marked by a sizeable population and rich cultural diversity, recognizes digitalization as a crucial driver for its economic and social progress. In recent times, the Indonesian government has prioritized digitalization, aiming to expedite the country’s digital transformation through enhanced cross-border collaboration, bolstered information infrastructure and the widespread adoption of digital technologies.

During the event, the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the People’s Republic of China and Mongolia H.E. Djauhari Oratmangun emphasized the importance of digitalization for future growth. Djauhari  highlighted the manifold potential of digital technology across sectors while acknowledging its  challenges and opportunities. He also stressed that digital transformation is a long process that requires collective effort and innovation to enhance its effectiveness.

Speaking of innovation as a vital catalyst for the growth of the digital economy, Budi Prawara, chairman of the Research Organization for Electronics and Informatics under the umbrella of Indonesia’s National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), outlined four essential components of digitalization during his address. These factors included enhancing the cultivation of digital talent; creating a conducive operational environment (including raising public awareness regarding regulatory frameworks and AI); promoting digital innovation across the domains of research, development, and investment guided by government strategies; and focusing on the refinement of business capabilities centered on entrepreneurial and investment activities as well as AI empowerment.

Huawei Cloud has been committed to providing Indonesian corporate and individual customers with reliable, efficient, and secure cloud computing services. Huawei Cloud Indonesia CEO James Zhang unveiled the CXO ENGINE plan, acknowledging the new challenges of digital transformation facing both internet-based businesses and traditional companies. Underlining numerous opportunities resulting from the transformation, James asserted that the true success in the digital landscape can only be achieved when industry leaders from various sectors collaborate, share ideas, strategize, learn, and grow together.

Global shifts are already in motion. Director at Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia Yun-Han Lee underscored the ongoing global transition towards a borderless world, brimming with endless possibilities for those who are agile enough to leverage it. He encouraged embracing change proactively, exploring new opportunities, and creating new value.

Digital practices and industrial applications accelerate transformation across various industries

The rapid advancements in digital technology are fueling transformations across diverse industries. In Indonesia, the shift is propelled by the collaborative efforts of Huawei Cloud and its partners, who are harnessing the power of cloud computing, big data, AI, and other emerging technologies to drive industrial digitization.

During the camp, Rio Anugrah, CTO of RCTI+, shared his insights into the company’s experience in transitioning to streaming. He pointed out that short-form videos align with current consumption trends as such content resonates with audiences by offering a mix of authenticity, creativity and immediacy.

Meanwhile, Arthur Purnama, CTO of Astra Digital Arta (AstraPay), emphasized the critical role “digital business” plays within the company as well as the importance of user engagement for market expansion. Arthur said  added that by cultivating customer relationships, reinforcing brand loyalty and trust, and collecting valuable customer feedback, user engagement can enhance the user experience and deliver tangible digital value.

Roger Lu, general manager at eclicktech, highlighted that AI technology is poised to revolutionize global marketing strategies in the era of computational power. Faced with the uncertainty of a global economic slowdown, brands must be more strategic in response to uncertainty due to global economic slowdown. Developing profitable marketing strategies is crucial, requiring advertising investment and optimization based on user growth and comprehensive behavioral insights. Additionally, it is  necessary to use creative approaches to drive return on investment (ROI), engage new users through diversified channels (UA), and effectively remarket to existing users (RT).

Speaking of the intersection between technology and business, Justin Dodson, CTO of Bank Neo Commerce, noted the importance of expanding cooperation in multiple areas amid the sustainable development of Indonesia’s financial sector, including enhancing the sector’s structural framework and competitive advantage. “Leveraging digital transformation can amplify the role of digital banking in the national economy and bolster the digital capabilities of banks in several areas such as regulatory oversight and licensing,” added Dodson.

Huawei Cloud has already rolled out a series of digital transformation solutions, facilitating the modernization of Indonesian companies. Huawei Cloud Global CPO Fang Guowei emphasized how Huawei Cloud equips a broad spectrum of Indonesian customers with comprehensive capabilities to expedite their digital transformation offering Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Technology-as-a-Service and Experience-as-a-Service. The platform remains dedicated to advancing R&D, aiming at delivering robust platforms and cloud services while guiding customers through the adoption, utilization, and management of cloud resources. The cloud services provider is also building products by fostering full-stack innovation within its cloud infrastructure, positioning itself as a trailblazer in cloud-native technology. It is assisting governmental bodies and businesses in achieving seamless cloud integration while continually innovating in emerging fields such as data, media and AI. This vision aligns with the firm’s broader mission of creating a ubiquitous cloud presence, ensuring omnipresent intelligence, and collectively building a cloud foundation for an intelligent world. Indonesia remains one of the key strategic markets for Huawei Cloud in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2022, the platform launched a local cloud region in the market to furnish better and more secure services to local customers, contributing to the country’s Vision 2045 by actively aiding in the digital transformation of local businesses.

On August 26, the camp also featured a roundtable discussion titled “Navigating the Emerging AI Wave: From Business Evolution to Technological Trends and Humanity’s Tomorrow”, in conjunction with the CXO-Engine Award Ceremony and various group engagements. These multifaceted activities further strengthened Huawei Cloud’s digital technology capabilities and fostered the growth of its ecosystem in Indonesia.

The success of the first Huawei Cloud Indonesia CTO Camp not only provided a platform for CTOs from various industries to learn, share ideas, and collaborate but also solidified Huawei Cloud’s foothold in the Indonesian market. Moving forward, the platform will maintain its focus on technological innovation, industrial application, talent cultivation, and collaborative ecosystem building. The primary goal is to shape Indonesia’s digital landscape alongside industry trailblazers.

H.E.Djauhari Oratmangun, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the People’s Republic of China and Mongolia

Budi Prawara, Chairman of Research Organization for Electronics and Informatics, BRIN