Huawei High-Quality 10 Gbps CloudCampus Accelerates Intelligent Transformation Across Industries

SHANGHAI, Sept. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — During HUAWEI CONNECT 2023, Huawei unveiled its upgraded High-Quality 10 Gbps CloudCampus Solution with four unique features: ultra-high-speed access, simplified architecture, ultimate experience, and simplified Operations and Maintenance (O&M). This future-proof solution is a great fit for global enterprises to build a ’10 Gbps to office, 10 Gbps to production, and 10 Gbps to branch’ high-quality campus network, in turn accelerating their journey from digital to intelligent transformation.

Kevin Yang, Vice President of Huawei’s Campus Network Domain, unveiling the upgraded High-Quality 10 Gbps CloudCampus Solution

According to a report from OVUM, the number of smart terminals will grow exponentially over the next two years, audio and video traffic will increase by 30% year on year, and by 2025, 80% of applications will be migrated to the cloud. Against this backdrop, enterprise campus networks are developing towards four directions: ultra-broadband, simplified, ultimate experience, and intelligent O&M.

Kevin Yang, Vice President of the Campus Network Domain, Huawei’s Data Communication Product Line, said, “The 10 Gbps era has arrived. To embrace it, customers across industries are joining forces with Huawei to build their experience-centric, high-quality 10 Gbps campus networks.”

An office campus network is typical at enterprises. Huawei’s High-Quality 10 Gbps CloudCampus Solution enables global enterprises of all sizes to build a best-in-class office campus network with ultra-high-speed access, simplified architecture, ultimate experience, and simplified O&M.

Ultra-high-speed access: Huawei’s all-new eight AirEngine Wi-Fi 7 products deliver a record-high speed of 18.67 Gbps, and enable 120 channels of smooth HD video experience. Plus, Huawei’s new CloudEngine S5755-H multi-GE switches allow for on-demand choices of GE, 2.5GE, 5GE, and 10GE ports, providing flexible and reliable access for more terminals. Simplified architecture: Huawei’s solution adopts a next-generation networking architecture featuring multi-network integration and one network for multiple purposes. This capability flexibly adapts to ultra-large-scale network services and paves the way for new service expansion and cost-effective operations in the future. Specifically, Huawei APs have built-in IoT cards and container capabilities to implement Wi-Fi and IoT convergence. Cutting-edge network virtualization technologies, such as VXLAN and network slicing, are also used to create one network for multiple services and provide the most appropriate network resources for each type of service. Ultimate experience: Multi-dimensional experience assurance at terminal, user, service, and access network levels is a must, so that users can enjoy a consistent network experience anytime, anywhere, on any terminal, and in any access mode. Huawei’s high-quality audio and video experience assurance solution well suits this need. This solution enables smooth video conference experience for a campus with 10,000 users. Simplified O&M: Huawei launched the industry’s first digital map for campus networks, which stands out with real-time network status visibility and network quality management. This digital map makes it possible to automatically configure services and deliver policies from Huawei iMaster NCE. In this way, engineers do not need to perform onsite commissioning, greatly shortening the network configuration time from days to hours. Furthermore, the digital map makes it easy to intelligently predict network faults and quickly locate faults in minutes, ultimately greatly simplifying O&M.

In addition to office campus networks, another typical scenario is production campus networks. Huawei’s High-Quality 10 Gbps CloudCampus Solution equips production campus networks with three unique characteristics: fully-connected, unified, and intelligent. The solution adds intelligence to devices, unifies device communication protocols, and makes networks more flexible.

At this year’s event, Huawei highlighted innovative CloudEngine S5735I-H series self-orchestration Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) switches. These feature-rich switches offer low latency and high reliability needed for industrial control and facilitate the convergence of office IT, OT, and production IT networks. Furthermore, Huawei’s simplified architecture solution — which consists of the central switch, Remote Units (RUs), and 2000 m hybrid cables — can simplify the traditional three-layer network into a two-layer one. This achieves integrated coverage of the entire industrial production network. On top of that, Huawei’s solution allows for lego-like combinations of functional modules to accommodate different industrial scenarios. These combinations reduce the number of network devices and network management units by 50%, in turn helping customers reduce OPEX by 50%.

Also at the event, global pioneers from diverse industries shared their successful practices in building high-quality 10 Gbps campus networks with Huawei. To date, Huawei’s campus network solution has been field-proven in numerous enterprises across more than 150 countries and regions.

Looking ahead, Huawei will continue to dive into industries and work closely with global partners to better serve industry customers who look for simplified networks and ultimate experience. Doing so will propel diverse industries into the intelligent future.

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