Huawei Cloud APAC held ‘Go Together, Grow Together’ Leadership Summit to Accelerate Partner Success

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Feb. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Huawei Cloud APAC is committed to strengthening its partner ecosystem. The global cloud company reaffirmed this commitment by hosting the APAC Partner Leadership Summit 2023 from the 23rd  to the 24th of February in Bali, Indonesia. With the theme, “Go Together, Grow Together,” this two-day summit is the most significant cloud ecosystem event in the Asia-Pacific region, with the ultimate goal of sustainable development by building partner competencies and comprehensively transforming the partner network. 

The highlights of this much-anticipated summit were Huawei Cloud APAC’s announcements of the Huawei Cloud’s strategy and updates for 2023 and new partner framework including GoCloud and GrowCloud policy, which look to enhance an already robust partner ecosystem further. A USD $60 million investment has been committed for GoCloud Service and Software Partners to expand the capabilities of Huawei Cloud, as it enables effective collaboration through partnerships. These announcements showcase Huawei Cloud’s commitment to investing in their partners and in continuously developing this ecosystem as both parties look to go together and grow together.

Huawei Cloud APAC also presented successful case studies during the summit. These case studies were aimed at inspiring partners while providing various development paths for different types of partners and helping them create a robust portfolio of solutions and services on the Huawei Cloud. These solutions and services can unlock more value for Huawei Cloud customers and help the company’s partners expand their customer base and drive sales growth to realise shared business success.

Zeng Xingyun, President of Huawei Cloud APAC

Zeng Xingyun, President of Huawei Cloud APAC, led the summit’s distinguished line-up of speakers and announced Huawei’s ambitious goal of revenue growth as the APAC fastest-growing cloud. He also recognised the ecosystem partners of Huawei Cloud APAC, including China Mobile International, Orange Business Services, Humanica, Yonyou and many more. In recent years, Huawei Cloud has been making positive headways in the region, tremendously increasing the number of high-value customers as well as the revenue of its partners – thereby making Huawei Cloud one of the best partners for enterprises seeking digital transformation.

H.E. Djauhari Oratmangun, The Ambassador of Indonesia to the People’s Republic of China and Mongolia

The Ambassador of Indonesia to the People’s Republic of China and Mongolia, H.E. Djauhari Oratmangun said, “Collaboration with global digital companies, including large technology companies from China such as Huawei, has become the manifestation of Indonesia’s digital transformation agenda”. Indonesia is currently on its accelerated course to lay concrete ICT infrastructure, both in the ground and space segments. H.E. Djauhari Oratmangun also highlighted Indonesia’s long-term target to achieve its digital economy contribution to US$1.43 trillion by 2045, in which ICT industries are expected to contribute by 20.7% to the national gross domestic product.

Joy Huang, President, Strategy & Industry Development at Huawei Cloud

Joy Huang, President, Strategy & Industry Development at Huawei Cloud, announced key Huawei Cloud global strategy updates. These updates include Huawei Cloud core services that are being rolled out globally to boost business growth with more availability zones within geographic regions worldwide, providing fully connected, high-speed and stable networks and services at the closest points to customers’ different locations. These rollouts are part of Huawei Cloud’s vision of embracing the trends and building differentiators with its robust ecosystem, which drives digital across industries.

Ken Kang, President, Global Ecosystem at Huawei Cloud

As the Summit went on, Ken Kang, President, Global Ecosystem at Huawei Cloud, then touched on the partner ecosystem’s growth over the years, unveiled vital strategies and benefits to Huawei Cloud’s partners, to grow this ecosystem even more in 2023. Ken also shared about KooGallery, formerly known as Huawei Marketplace, which will now offer flexible business models and a new GTM (Go To Market) strategy by creating more channels for resell. Before ending off, he also announced the availability of an integrated enablement system that will include a Developer Institute, a Developer Community and an online exercise lab called DevLabs. This enablement system will ensure the synergy between DevOps teams and Huawei Cloud through the provisioning of training and technical assistance to nurture Developers in their innovations.

Nicole Lu, Vice President of Huawei Cloud APAC Ecosystem & Partner Development

In addition, Nicole Lu, Vice President of Huawei Cloud APAC Ecosystem & Partner Development, made key announcements with regards to Huawei Cloud’s new partner framework, GoCloud and GrowCloud. An investment of US $60M has been committed for GoCloud’s Service and Software Partners to support in building capabilities & certifications on Huawei Cloud.  Competitive incentives and benefits for  GrowCloud Solution Provider partners were launched to secure more co-sells deals by sharing opportunities. Nicole also talked about the establishment of five alliances: Media Realtime Streaming Acceleration, Digital Finance, Metaverse+Web3.0, Enterprise Digital Transformation, and Innovation Connect. These alliances will bring increased benefits to the partner ecosystem in the age of the digital transformation driven by cloud.

Andy Jinhui, Vice President, Head of Marketing and Industry Development at Huawei Cloud APAC

The summit also touched on Huawei Cloud’s cloud-native intelligent services and solutions. Andy Jinhui, Vice President, Head of Marketing and Industry Development at Huawei Cloud APAC, unveiled the company’s exciting new products, which include the Huawei Container Solution, Database Solution, Intelligent Data Lake Solution, Web3 Solution, Origin Server Acceleration Solution, and Live Broadcast Solution, etc. These new offerings underscore Huawei’s continuing commitment to improving Huawei Cloud, driving innovation, and strengthening its partner ecosystem through new services and solutions.

Huawei Cloud has risen to No. 2 in China, No. 3 in Thailand, and No. 4 in developing markets in Asia-Pacific, becoming the fastest growing cloud provider among the top 5 frontrunners in the region, with a strong presence primarily across the Asia Pacific. Its public cloud operates in 29 regions, 75 AZs, and 2,800+ CDN nodes worldwide, providing data localisation and management services. As a partner, Huawei Cloud enables businesses to take advantage of the company’s expertise and technology to enhance their offerings and services, expand their reach and access new markets, stay ahead of the curve, and compete more effectively.