How SIFT Analytics Group is Driving Singapore’s Vision in Digital Transformation

SINGAPORE, July 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SIFT Analytics Group, has been acknowledged by the Singapore Business Review in 2023 for their pioneering efforts in developing innovative analytics solutions, as well as for driving impactful technology initiatives that have successfully guided businesses in their digital transformation. They are also regarded as the Top 10 Data Analytics Solutions Providers in ASEAN.

Among the companies transformed by SIFT Analytics, Japfa – a leading pan-Asian Agri food company – has adopted a data-driven performance strategy that enables the production team to identify numerous opportunities to enhance efficiency and productivity.

SIFT Analytics is set to assist SMEs Businesses with their complimentary digital transformation program aiming to enhance their digital strategies for their business models to increase competitiveness and efficiency.

With the Singapore government pushing for an increasingly digital economy and society, businesses must keep up and forge ahead to ensure they can cater to changing public needs. At the heart of such technological advancement are the digital strategies of Cloud, Data, and Analytics.

SIFT Analytics is well-positioned to be a one-stop analytics solutions provider that empowers SMEs and the public sector to respond dynamically to digital challenges and assist local organizations in improving business, operation, and production processes and products or services by leveraging digital technologies.

A Driving Force in Digital Transformation

A study by Microsoft Singapore and the Association of SMEs found that over 80 per cent of SMEs have digital transformation strategies, yet only two in five consider their transformation successful. This is where SIFT Analytics comes in to lend a helping hand.

SIFT Analytics provide the necessary soft-support measures that focus on helping to change existing mindsets to be more welcoming of data-driven strategies, such as public workshops, training, technical expertise and advice, and skills development programs.

Through better management and use of information, business leaders will be better equipped to eliminate blind spots that hinder informed decisions and achieve the next generation of efficiencies by providing precise, contextual analytics and insight while optimizing decisions at the point of impact.

Free Kickstart Digitalization Program for SMEs  and the Public Sector

SIFT has launched its Kickstart Digitalization programs to help raise the visibility of digital transformation for the benefit of SMEs and the Public Sector. Organizations that have signed up for this program are invited to participate in an engaging introductory workshop focused on exploring the fundamentals and applications of digital transformation.

Following this, SIFT will conduct a complimentary digital audit, enabling organizations to gain valuable insights into their current digital landscape. Based on the outcomes of the digital audit, SIFT will curate a customized, hands-on workshop designed to equip their employees with the requisite skills and experience for a successful digital transformation. This is the most considerable effort in the nation to boost digital awareness and help transform businesses.

“Innovation happens everywhere, especially in today’s digital era. When a company digitalizes its business, it will create a more efficient and profitable way of doing business. Kickstart Digitalization program is part of our plan to help SMEs to understand the need for digitalization and lower the barrier for organizations to take the first step,” said Gerald Tan, Managing Director of SIFT Analytics Group.

With intelligent data analytics driven by more innovative software solutions through SIFT Analytics, the company hopes to lead Singapore businesses in embracing a digital future powered by business intelligence and actionable insights.

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About SIFT Analytics

Headquartered in Singapore since 1999, with over 500 corporate clients in the region, SIFT Analytics is the trusted partner in delivering reliable enterprise solutions, paired with best-of-breed technology throughout the business analytics journey. Together with its experienced teams, the organization will journey with users to integrate and govern data, predict future outcomes and optimise decisions, and achieve the next generation of efficiency and innovation.