How do global businesses manage supply chain risks, maintain resilience, and deliver sustainable growth

TAIPEI, Sept. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Taiwan’s role in the global supply chain has changed dramatically due to the importance of the semiconductor industry in technological development and its critical position at the core. In view of increasingly complex geopolitical situations, how we could maintain our operational resilience and help to deepen regional economic cooperation are topics of ever greater interest. Intensifying competition between China and the US, resulting in the rise of Asia’s global status, climate change, carbon footprint, etc. are also driving changes in industry structures and corporates’ business models.

DIGITIMES will be hosting the “Supply Chain Summit” on 27-28th September 2022 at Taipei, Taiwan (Hybrid Event). Over 50 leading companies/brands will be present, along with Taiwanese and international experts, to share their perspectives on how to manage global supply chain risks, maintain resilience, and deliver sustainable growth.

The event will lead experts to discuss the hottest topics, focusing on regionalization, digitalization, and ESG-issues in the electric vehicles, semiconductors, and smart manufacturing industries. Renowned speakers include the Harvard Business School‘s Professor Willy C. Shih (impact of supply chain decarbonization on logistics and global trade), the Wall Street Journal’s chief economics commentator Greg Ip (“supply chain policymakers’ response to inflation and economic disruption”), and the Hinrich Foundation’s research fellow Alex Capri (“impact of geopolitics on supply chain risk management”).

In addition, Tata Motors will lead KPMG, AWS, Schneider Electric, Chunghwa Telecom, Winbond Electronics Corp., and Advantech Co., to offer their views on supply chain management. We aspire to drive forward our industry’s overall development through knowledge and experience sharing.

We cordially invite you to invite you being part of the “DIGITIMES – Supply Chain Summit” which is a unique opportunity to understand the latest thinking, strategy, plans, and technologies in our industry. Beyond physical on-site participation, conference attendance will also be available online, with bilingual translation provided. Please sign up on our event site as soon as possible, limited places are available. Register now: 

“DIGITIMES – Supply Chain Summit” is a unique opportunity to understand the latest thinking, strategy, plans, and technologies in our industry. Event site: 


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