Hong Kong ICT Awards 2023 – Smart Mobility Award Winners Unveiled

Smart Power Supply, Indoor Navigation, GBA Cargo Track-and-Trace Solution Celebrated

HONG KONG, Nov. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Steered by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer and co-organised by GS1 Hong Kong, the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2023 – Smart Mobility Award Presentation Ceremony was held today. The award has three categories: Smart Tourism, Smart Logistics, and Smart Transport. They are selected by evaluation and one-by-one interviews by the Assessment and Judging panels. Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award  and certificates of merit are awarded to the contestants based on their performance.

Ms. Anna Lin, Chief Executive of GS1 Hong Kong (white blazer in the middle) and the HKICT Awards – Smart Mobility Award winners.

This year, TriTerra Technology Limited won the “Grand Award of the Smart Mobility Award” and the “Smart Mobility (Smart Tourism) Gold Award” with its “Kaihon1000 Smart Power Station”. Size of a handbag, the portable power supply has 7 power sockets to support the needs of different electrical appliances (such as mini refrigerators, cooking stoves, etc), suited for occasions like camping, extended outdoor work (such as filming), and during power outages at home. In addition to the solar charging function that helps prolong usage, it is equipped with IP55 water- and dust-proof features and users can remotely connect, operate and monitor operation using a mobile phone. The judging panel agreed that it is a practical and environmentally friendly solution, with immense potential to expand into the global markets.

Other cutting-edge winning entries include the first mobility solution that monitor the journey of Greater Bay Area cargo transshipment, characterised by its blockchain and emerging mobile technologies use; also the smart mobility app that utilises spatial data to provide indoor and outdoor navigation for the visually impaired and the needed, offering a barrier-free navigation experience with uninterrupted voice guidance. The list of Smart Mobility awardees is shown below. Please visit here for details of the winning entries: https://www.gs1hk.org/sites/default/files/2023-10/SMA_2023.pdf

The award winners will have the opportunity to represent Hong Kong to compete in the “13th Guangdong-HK-Macau IoT Competition” with a few dozens of contestants from mainland China. Hong Kong representatives have achieved great results in this competition before, for example 2 entries won the “Best IoT Application” and the “Best IoT Innovation” last year, indicating that local innovative technologies and solutions can shine bright in and out of Hong Kong.

Anna Lin, Chief Executive of GS1 Hong Kong, congratulated the winners and is pleased to see the robust I&T development and adoption of creative applications in the city. “This year, we applaud beyond the public and private sector winners, but also celebrate the creative mind of individual who have fostered a culture of innovation in smart mobility. The winning entries are tuned in to today’s environment, some by incorporating low-carbon, sustainability elements, while some tap into the GBA growth opportunities, addressing the current issues and trends. GS1 Hong Kong will continue to work closely with the Government and the industry partners to drive digital innovation and support Hong Kong’s development into a world-class smart city.”

Download Photos: https://gs1hongkong.box.com/s/9q7jkqxkz3fzfbhmmrny1rnuj3dztkdn 

Hong Kong ICT Awards 2023 – Smart Mobility Award winners list (In alphabetic order by company / organisation name):




Winning Entry

Smart Mobility


TriTerra Technology Limited

Kaihon1000 Smart Power Station

Smart Tourism


TriTerra Technology Limited

Kaihon1000 Smart Power Station


Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD)

Location Tracking System for Hikers at Remote Areas


FansWave Limited

FansWiFi – Social WiFi Marketing Platform


FREED Group Limited

HARMONY Corporate Service Solution (HARMONY CSS)


Lik On Technology Limited

VR Life Never Stops

Smart Logistics


Airport Authority Hong Kong / Accenture Company Limited

HKIA Cargo GBA Sea-air Transshipment Facilitation Application


Geek+ / Hongkong Post

Robotic Packet Sorting System


GP Electronics (HK) Limited / BPS Global Management Limited

The Smart Logistics System in GP Electronics Huizhou Factory


FreightAmigo Services Limited

FreightAmigo – Financing, Insurance, Logistics in One Platform

Smart Transport


Maphive Technology Limited / Spatial Data Office, Development Bureau / Energizing Kowloon East Office, Development Bureau

Smart Navigation Tool for The Visually Impaired/People In Need


The Kowloon Motor Bus Company (1933) Limited

Digitally connected bus service via all-in-one, App1933


Hong Kong Observatory

Estimation of Standing Water Conditions on Airport Runways


HOU Wai Man



Locolla Limited / Transport Department, The Government of the HKSAR

Smart Shared Power-assisted Pedal Cycle Platform

Please visit here for details of the winning entries: https://www.gs1hk.org/sites/default/files/2023-10/SMA_2023.pdf

For details about “Smart Mobility Award”, please visit here: https://www.gs1hk.org/SmartMobilityAward

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