Hong Kong as AI Adoption Hub in Asia Pacific “Use AI Faster!” is key as GPTBots accelerate business applications

HONG KONG, Sept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hong Kong needs to use AI faster, and the answer is to start with AI Bot firstly.

In the “Use AI Faster!” Seminar hosted today by Aurora Mobile Limited (NASDAQ: JG) (“Aurora Mobile” or the “Company”), a leading provider of customer engagement and marketing technology services in China. The Keynote Speaker Dr HON Wendy Hong of the Legislative Councillor pointed out that Hong Kong needs to find the effective way to bring this disrupting AI technology to be daily routine of the business savvy Hong Kong people so that Hong Kong will become a hub for AI Adoption in Asia Pacific in the future.

Echoing the same message is HON Duncan Chiu, another Legislative Councillor, who is closely involved with innovation projects in the city, “While businesses have the option to directly use AI tools like ChatGPT, linking their unique data and knowledge with LLM will be the most effective way for enterprises to apply AI.”

AI Bots are probably the easiest entry for tapping the AI power, though the community needs user-friendly tools to make their own bots connected with LLM and train with their domain knowledge”. 

Professor Sun Dong, the Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry and the Guest of Honour of the Seminar, further underlines the importance of government’s roles in supporting education, research, development and application of AI technologies as he recognizes how this technology can transform business models and economic competitiveness.

In fact, as ChatGPT opens the door of possibilities, pointed out by Chris Luo, CEO of Aurora Mobile, Hong Kong businesses need to introduce at full speed enterprise-grade AI Bots to their employees, customers and associates to automate redundant communications and data handling, enrich user experience and create new products and markets.  This coincides with the launch of the first AI bot creation platform in Asia Pacific called GPTBots developed by Aurora Mobile.

Business users without programming background can build, train and deploy function-specific AI Bots in their business setting within an hour or so. “It’s just a few clicks away to orchestrate your own ‘ChatGPT’, easily, economically and effectively,” said Chris Luo.

On a more technical note, Tony Leung, Board Adviser of GPTBots.AI, said, “GPTBots is a complement generic LLM chatbot with private data injection and continuous fine-tuning which could replace rule-based Chatbot with improved user experience and lower cost. Designed as an end-to-end business platform for users, GBTBots could seamlessly integrate AI Bots into existing applications and workflows with plug-ins.”

Various industries from investment, accounting, education, logistics, insurance, communications, writing, legal, eCommerce and others have shared in the event the common positive experience and outcomes of the AI Bots during the early piloting GPTBots.

Summed up by one of the seminar guests, GPTBots could be a “game changer for the industry”. And the secret is to “use AI faster” and no more hesitating, as this technology will make tomorrow completely unfamiliar.

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