Homely.com.au delivers record enquiries to agents

MELBOURNE, Australia, April 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The portal, which is one of the most visited in Australia*, has generated over 15.5 million enquiries (including direct and indirect) for their customers over the last 12 months up to 1 April 2024, up approximately 16% over the same period in 2022.

Jason Spencer, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Homely.com.au, said, “Achieving over 15.5 million enquiries this past year highlights our successful growth strategy, which focuses on both agents and property seekers. Enquiries are the lifeblood of any agent’s business, and Homely continues to grow in leaps and bounds where it matters.”

“So much of the engagement on Homely comes from our unique social network built around hyperlocal content that you simply can’t find on the other portals,” Spencer continues, referring to Homely’s unique, patented street and suburb review value offering.

“People are constantly discussing what it is like to live somewhere on Homely, reviewing streets and suburbs and commenting on our discussion forums from across Australia. We have 10 years of content and community building that adds value to buyers that they can’t find elsewhere.”

Homely takes a comprehensive approach to enquiries, recognising the various ways property seekers connect with their listings and agents.

This includes both direct and indirect interactions that benefit agents, including email and phone enquiries, SMS enquiries and rental applications. Homely also captures active engagement on agent profiles, including viewing Premier Profiles, saving auctions and inspections, adding properties to personal collections, and sharing listings on social media or with others. Valuable detailed research information, such as viewing contracts of sale, rating or commenting on properties, and setting up valuable property alerts, is also reviewed by the portal.

“These interactions help us paint a detailed picture of user interest and enhance agent performance, ensuring property seekers find their ideal homes and agents maximise their reach,” says Adam Spencer, Co-Founder and Co-CEO.

More users, more often means more enquiries to agents

The platform focuses on meaningful engagement rather than just audience numbers, providing high-conversion interactions and cost-effective advertising solutions. In 2023, Homely’s logged-in user count rose by 28%, with an increase in Property Alerts and Collections driving enquiry traffic. The platform’s success is also reflected in the uptake of its Homely Plus Uplift advertising program and more than 710 strategic partners. Spencer notes, “Our on-site engagement has consistently grown, indicating that more property seekers are frequently returning to Homely and staying longer, resulting in more enquiries.”

Empowering agent partners with real-time insights

Further emphasising agent support, Homely has introduced the Homely Performance Hub and the Homely Enquiries API, tools designed to provide real-time insights.

“Our agents love using the Homely Performance Hub to watch enquiries roll in for their listings, while the Enquiries API ensures this valuable data is readily available to help agents have meaningful conversations with vendors and owners about how their property is tracking.” says Adam.

“The level of detail provided is exceptional, and the value for agents is clear. Our ongoing mission is to continuously develop tools and features that empower both agents and consumers to have a truly valuable experience with Homely, ultimately helping everyone find their perfect home faster and easier.”

*Based on data collected from similarweb.com for period 01/01/202431/03/2024

 About Homely.com.au

Founded in 2014, Homely is now one of the leading portals in Australia trusted by the real estate industry and used by millions of people every month. Homely combines nationwide real estate listings with unique local content including suburb reviews, street reviews and Q&A from real locals, helping people make better informed decisions when buying, renting or selling. With a beautiful, easy-to-use website and app, as well as street and suburb reviews from real locals, Homely makes finding your dream home easier and faster than ever.