HL Mando Unleashes its Creativity with “Imagine Every Move” at CES 2023, with HL Klemove

Opening of an e-mobility show that applies the color of technology to K-street dance

Showcasing Lineup of Products such as ‘Flexible Move’ and ‘Clever Move’

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HL Group will participate in the largest tech event in the world CES 2023 with HL Mando, which specializes in EV solutions, and HL Klemove, which specializes in autonomous driving.

HL Mando e-Corner Module

HL Mando’s theme of “Imagine Every Move” will cover the whole front side of its booth at the West Hall with its dynamic K dance moves, spreading the wings of imagination at CES 2023. HL Mando and HL Klemove will each showcase distinct futuristic products at the flexible move zone and the clever move zone, respectively. Moreover, their joint event will be rich in diversity, combining forces with leading mobility companies, such as Argus and Sonatus.

The technologies of HL Mando and HL Klemove are included in the main K-dance main video. At the event, the development and values of technology will be expressed in dynamic forms, such as the flexible move, clever move, multi move, and easy move through dynamic K-Dance moves, which include locking, voguing, and waacking. Everyone will be able to get a glimpse of HL Mando and HL Klemove technology trends through street dances that have no boundaries. The new technologies, along with the future vision of both companies, will be separately released in the exhibition display zone.

HL Mando has decorated its exhibition area centering around the e-corner module (electronic corner module) of the company (photo). The e-corner module is the culmination of the electrification system, combining brakes, steering, suspension parts, and the vehicle drive motor. HL Mando created the e-corner module thanks to its experience of developing the “X-by-Wire (*SbW, *BbW)”. Its application is considerably extensive, ranging from the obvious small, middle, and large-size vehicles to small and large delivery robots to eco-friendly multi-purpose mobilities (*PBV). The e-corner module’s advantage is its 4-wheel independent steering method, enabling once impossible concepts, such as parallel (perpendicular) parking and u-turn in place. The e-corner module, *EMB, and SbW system will all be available for real-life viewing at the site of the event. Meanwhile, HL Mando’s spinoff technology will also add to the existing fun. You will be able to experience other electrified products, including the e-cargo (last mile mobility), patrol robots, and parking robots, through various videos.

Meanwhile, the phrase ‘Clever Move Zone’ was derived from the company’s name, “HL Klemove”. The word “Klemove” is a combination of the words “Clever” and “Move”. The company, which pursues to deliver a ‘clever mobility system’, will showcase a diverse lineup of solutions at the upcoming CES, ranging from autonomous driving Level 2+ to Level 4 products. The lineup will include a high-performance radar that more than doubles the existing detection range through the application of a 3D antenna, an ultra-high resolution camera that supports wireless update (OTA) and *DCU as well as *Zonal ECU that provide a next-generation Centralized Architecture. The Level 4 auto shuttle driving video, the epitome of HL Klemove’s autonomous driving solutions, will be released for the first time at CES 2023, on January 5th.

During the tech event, cutting-edge software enterprises, such as Argus and Sonatus, are expected to make an appearance at the HL Mando booth. Argus is the world’s top mobility cyber security company, and Sonatus is a big data solution company that focuses on cloud-based vehicles. The HL Mando and HL Klemove booth will be located at the West Hall of the CES exhibit site in Las Vegas, US. The number of the booth is “#5467”.

*SbW: Steer by Wire
*BbW: Brake by Wire
*PBV: Purpose Built Vehicle
*EMB: Electro Mechanical Brake
*DCU: Domain Control Unit
*Zonal ECU: Zonal Electronic Control Unit