HKBNES “AegisConnect” Helping CIOs Sleep Better at Night, Real-time Troubleshooting for Carefree, Transparent Network Reliability

HONG KONG, July 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — HKBN Enterprise Solutions (HKBNES) has launched the game-changing “AegisConnect” – a one-stop connectivity solution with “Superior Manageability” and “Superior Security”, backed by the world’s leading technology brands. “AegisConnect” empowers enterprises with clear visibility of their network health with a real time log and pairs this with comprehensive round-the-clock support from HKBNES’s expert technical team – providing seamless and secure IT so that companies can accelerate growth and innovation. Not only does “AegisConnect” allow companies to immediately identify the source of a network outage via intelligent usage trend analysis, it can help identify network fatigue before a network outage actually happens.

William Ho, HKBN Co-Owner-to-be and Chief Executive Officer, Enterprise Solutions said, “Every hour of network interruption can lead to millions of dollars in business loss. Corporates today are prioritising reliability and adaptability of their network infrastructure so they can keep pace with the rapidly changing digital landscape amidst a shortage in IT talents. With AegisConnect, we’ve redefined connectivity by transforming fibre-broadband access into a one-stop solution that empowers enterprises with a trusted, stable and easily manageable infrastructure bundled with our full range of technical services support – all backed by technology leaders in their respective specialisations. Through this newly launched solution, enterprises can now better manage their internal resources to unleash the full potential of their innovation and grow with peace of mind.”

Samuel Hui, HKBN Co-Owner and Chief Strategy Officer, Enterprise Solutions said, “As IT professionals, we are all too familiar with the frustration of addressing complaints about lagging video conferences or long application loading times. With fragmented visibility of our systems, it can take a long time to troubleshoot the root cause. Is it a network problem, or is the application service down? AegisConnect leverages bleeding edge technology, backed by our decades of experience in building and running HKBN’s multi-billion dollar city-wide network, to create an adaptive intelligent network that proactively responds to different workloads and disruptions, enabling companies to visualise and solve for network problems before they occur. In short, AegisConnect will help CIOs sleep better at night.”

Manage large-scale IT Infrastructure with ease

As the next-generation connectivity solution, “AegisConnect” is designed to relieve medium to large enterprises from the many IT challenges that come with legacy-ridden infrastructures – all while enhancing business resilience and efficiency. This one-stop connectivity solution integrates our enterprise-grade fibre broadband with top-notch network management and security technologies from renowned tech brands such as Check Point, Cisco, F5, Fortinet and more.

Each “AegisConnect” subscription also comes with “AegisInsight”, a single-pane dashboard that gives IT managers easy access to their network performance, so companies can monitor their network health in real-time whilst receiving instant mobile alerts in case of any abnormalities.

For more complex networks, customers can upgrade to AegisConnect’s Intelligent Network Management platform, which offers advanced network management functions such as dynamic documentation, monitoring and change management, security automation, and troubleshooting automation. Customers can also flexibly subscribe to additional value-added services on-demand, such as volumetric DDoS mitigation as well as multi-angle cyber defense, including next-gen managed firewall and DNS security, to fit their business’s unique needs.

“AegisConnect” is fully supported by HKBNES’ industry-leading 7×24 services team of over 600 certified professional engineers, who will provide one-stop IT expertise for everything from consulting and deployment to management and monitoring.

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HKBN Enterprise Solutions announces the launch of “AegisConnect”, a Next-Generation Connectivity Solution designed to equip large enterprises with all-round IT services. From left: Martin Ip, HKBN Co-Owner-to-be, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Sales Engineering, Enterprise Solutions; William Ho, HKBN Co-Owner-to-be and Chief Executive Officer, Enterprise Solutions; Samuel Hui, HKBN Co-Owner and Chief Strategy Officer, Enterprise Solutions.

About HKBN Enterprise Solutions

HKBN Enterprise Solutions (“HKBNES”) is the enterprise solutions arm of HKBN Group (“HKBN” or the “Group”). Headquartered in Hong Kong with operations spanning across Asian markets including Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia, the Group is a leading integrated telecommunications and technology services provider. The Group provides a full range of one-stop, high-quality information and communication technology (ICT) solutions and an unlimited services portfolio. HKBN’s extensive tri-carrier fibre infrastructure covers over 2.5 million residential homes and 8,000 commercial buildings and facilities across Hong Kong. Committed to creating a lasting positive impact to wherever it operates, HKBN embraces a core purpose to “Make our Home a Better Place to Live” and has received a highest possible rating of AAA in MSCI’s 2022 ESG Ratings assessment in environment, society and governance. The Group is managed by hundreds of Co-Owners (supervisory and management level Talents in the Group) who invested their savings to buy shares of HKBN Ltd. (SEHK Stock Code: 1310). For more information about HKBN Enterprise Solutions, please visit