HKBN Proactively Offers Free Cybersecurity Health Check to Social Profit Organisations, Results Find One-Third of SPOs at Medium to High Risk

HONG KONG, Jan. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With the risk of malicious cyber-attacks continually rising, HKBN Group (HKBN) recently undertook a campaign to conduct free cyber risk assessments for 50 Social Profit Organisations* (SPOs). As a result, it found that 32% of SPOs were rated with a medium to high level of risk from hacking and cyber-attacks, including risks that could potentially affect the organisation’s operations, as well as the welfare of the beneficiaries they support. Through its leadership and expertise in information security, HKBN is also actively fulfilling its corporate social responsibility to promote cybersecurity knowledge by providing free consultation services and knowledge-sharing workshops to SPOs.

HKBN’s assessments evaluated the cybersecurity risk levels (out of 100 points; higher scores represent lower cyber risks) of 50 SPOs under 10 major categories with non-intrusive data collection and analysis technology provided by a third-party global cybersecurity risk assessment platform. Results indicate that 16 SPOs scored under 75 points (considered medium to high risk), with the overall performances in three areas, namely Network Security, Patching Cadence and Application Security particularly unsatisfactory, which could lead to data leakage of SPO donors and beneficiaries, attacks on website, etc.

Empowering SPOs with Free Consultation Services and Cybersecurity Workshops
As part of its initiative to drive “Technology for Good” and achieve its vision to lead as an innovative ESG enabler, HKBN and its team of volunteers will now be providing free consultation services related to cybersecurity and IT, helping SPOs better understand their cyber risks while enhancing their cyber knowledge. SPOs interested in participating can email to [email protected]. Meanwhile, HKBN will also hold a series of free cybersecurity preparatory workshops for SPOs starting next month. To register, please sign up here:

Yvonne Chak, Hong Kong Christian Service Director said, “Most SPOs concentrate all their manpower and resources on their service, and easily overlook the risk of cybersecurity. We are grateful to HKBN for drawing our awareness to cybersecurity with these cyber risk assessments. HKBN’s free professional consultation services and preparatory courses will provide a solid foundation and help enhance cybersecurity within our SPO community. In the future, we hope the government or other charitable funds can also provide more support and funding to help uplift our community’s cybersecurity standards.”

Wilson Tang, HKBN Co-Owner and Director – Information Security said, “While it is often overlooked by the market, SPOs serve numerous beneficiaries, and by extension, store a significant amount of personal data. As a regional leader in cybersecurity, our teams of professionals have tremendous experiences in addressing the full spectrum of information security needs of enterprise customers from all industries. We’re proud to leverage our collective expertise and be a key cybersecurity partner in the protection of SPOs.”

*  Social Profit Organisations:Organisations that create social benefits and value including but not limited to non-profit organisations, charities and social enterprises.

Led by Wilson Tang, HKBN Co-Owner and Director – Information Security (third from left), HKBN’s volunteer team is proud to provide free consultation services to SPOs.

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