HKBN Enterprise Solutions Launches “OFFICE-IN-A-BOX” Hybrid-Ready Office Solutions for Enhanced Employee Productivity and Well-being

HONG KONG, Feb. 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — HKBN Enterprise Solutions (HKBNES), a leading ICT solutions provider and division of HKBN Group (SEHK stock code: 1310), unveils “OFFICE-IN-A-BOX” – the essential all-in-one platform designed to help businesses transform workspaces for optimised efficiency and productivity as they embrace the flexibility of hybrid work models. This integrated solution streamlines operations through a single unified platform, enabling employees to collaborate seamlessly across hybrid environments using the latest communication, productivity and security technologies. 

Hybrid working has become the new norm in today’s corporate landscape. This is not solely due to the pandemic, but rather as a result of businesses embracing “work from anywhere models” to unlock workforce productivity in the face of talent shortages. Despite its increasing adoption, a recent survey[1] highlights the continued challenges faced by employees when working remotely. Key findings reveal that 28% of the workforce encounters video conferencing issues, 23% struggle with accessing essential files and information, while another 23% report performance shortcomings in their current work systems. Furthermore, 19% of employees find their personal devices inadequate for work purposes, coupled with dissatisfaction with employer-provided devices.

Samuel Hui, HKBN Co-Owner and Chief Strategy Officer, Enterprise Solutions said, “More than half our teams are working from our customers’ premises, in co-working spaces, or even across time-zones – and we want to empower all our Talents with the right tools and environment to excel. We also recognise the frustration that arises from inadequate technology and connectivity in conventional office spaces, which can create stress and hindrances that impede employees’ collaboration and overall work efficiency. By offering an integrated solution across office and remote work, ‘OFFICE-IN-A-BOX’ helps enterprises move towards flexible work arrangements, extending productivity optimisations across meeting / huddle rooms, personal workstations and even secured remote access.”

“OFFICE-IN-A-BOX” delivers a comprehensive infrastructure solution tailored to meet the demands of enterprises by focusing on four critical areas:

Meeting room and digital communications: Enhance meeting spaces with solutions like one-touch video calling, integrated audio-visual technologies to streamline conferencing and collaboration, removing common technical barriers.  Secured data storage and backup: Data protection service offers enterprises with on-site backup with encrypted cloud storage for swift data recovery to reduce business downtime.  Physical security and surveillance: Advanced security measures include access control, alarm systems, and surveillance for round-the-clock workplace security protection.  Connectivity management and cybersecurity: Package delivers top-tier connectivity management and cybersecurity services, with secured remote access, network monitoring, anti-DDoS protection, and email security – all monitored by HKBNES’s experts to safeguard your digital environment.

“OFFICE-IN-A-BOX” stands out with two proprietary HKBNES solutions: AegisConnect and OfficeCare. AegisConnect, featuring an award-winning dashboard, provides companies with complete operational oversight, and OfficeCare offers 24/7 helpdesk plus on-site support from HKBNES’s team of over 600 certified engineers, ensuring technical issues have minimal business disruption. 

To learn more about “OFFICE-IN-A-BOX”, visit Office Solutions | HKBN Enterprise Solutions (

Samuel Hui, HKBN Co-Owner and Chief Strategy Officer, Enterprise Solutions unveils “OFFICE-IN-A-BOX”, the all-in-one platform for driving the hybrid work evolution.

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[1] Source: Deloitte Insights, (2023) Hybrid workers seek the best of in-office and remote work