HKBN Enterprise Solutions Debuts Multi-Cloud Connect Service, Pioneering End-to-End Cloud Delivery Solution for Local Enterprises

HONG KONG, May 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — HKBN Enterprise Solutions (HKBNES), a leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) provider and division of HKBN Group, has announced the launch of its innovative Multi-Cloud Connect Service. As the first end-to-end managed cloud delivery service in Hong Kong, Multi-Cloud Connect Service empowers enterprises to establish and navigate their cloud transformation journeys with ease while providing robust security, reliable high-speed connectivity, and clear network performance visibility. 

According to recent studies, an overwhelming 98% of surveyed enterprises globally are either currently using or are planning to adopt multi-cloud strategies[1]. However, despite its growing popularity, enterprises face numerous hurdles such as operational complexity, security vulnerabilities, compliance issues, cost inefficiencies, and the need to maintain service levels. HKBNES is excited to introduce the Multi-Cloud Connect Service, backed by its leading cloud team, to directly address these challenges with a holistic managed service approach that encompasses everything from design and implementation to ongoing optimisation of customers’ multi-cloud environments.  

Harnessing the strengths of its vast partner network and cutting-edge tools from leading world-class vendors, HKBNES will implement defense-in-depth strategies to deliver robust security protection for customers’ cloud deployments. Additionally, the solution is enhanced by HKBN’s powerful – and Hong Kong’s only – tri-carrier network, which provides direct and high-speed local loop connectivity and dedicated virtual circuits from data centres to major public clouds. Together, this will empower customers to efficiently connect their infrastructure to the leading cloud platforms. 

Jackal Chau, HKBN Co-Owner & Vice President – Solutions and Service Delivery, Enterprise Solutions shared “In today’s digital landscape, having secure cloud connectivity is crucial for accelerating business development. Our experienced cloud team has a proven track record of implementing multi-cloud solutions for leading conglomerates, financial institutions, and the public service sectors. With the launch of Multi-Cloud Connect Service, we’ve completely simplified the complexities associated with managing multiple cloud operators. Our professional technical team, boasting over 1,300 certifications, offers direct cloud migration assistance, cost optimisation, security enhancements, and more, so that companies can free up their time and resources and focus on seizing business opportunities.” 

The Multi-Cloud Connect Service is also seamlessly complemented by AegisConnect, HKBNES’s proprietary solution which equips companies with stable and easily manageable fibre broadband that innovatively includes comprehensive monitoring and network performance analysis capabilities such as router log tracking and circuit utilisation. HKBNES’s pioneering accomplishments, like being recognised as the first Amazon Web Services (AWS) Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partner in Hong Kong and the first certified Alibaba Cloud Landing Zone Partner in Hong Kong, are testaments to its expertise and commitment to deliver exceptional cloud services tailored for the enterprise sector’s diverse needs. 

Learn more about Multi-Cloud Connect Service: Multi-Cloud Connect Service | HKBN Enterprise Solutions ( 

[1] Source: S&P Global survey, (2023) Multicloud in the Mainstream

Jackal Chau, HKBN Co-Owner & Vice President – Solutions and Service Delivery, Enterprise Solutions, proudly launches Multi-Cloud Connect Service, Hong Kong’s first end-to-end multi-cloud delivery service with integrated security, connectivity and network performance monitoring.

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