Hitachi-LG Data Storage, appointment of Makoto Hayata CFO as Co-President

TOKYO, April 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hitachi-LG Data Storage (hereinafter “HLDS”) has newly appointed Makoto Hayata (hereinafter “Hayata”) as CFO of its Co-President as of April 1, 2023.

Makoto Hayata CFO, and Min Byung-HoonCEO

HLDS is a global joint venture established in 2001 by Hitachi, Ltd. in Japan and LG Electronics. It focuses on data storage devices such as ODD and Game OPU, and has recently expanded its scope. It is conducting a wireless power transmission business using Electromagnetic technology and is expanding into the sensor business area using Optical and data processing technologies. It is also trying to create new values by providing an integrated solution by combining technologies using AI. In particular, in the ODD industry, it has held the position of Global No. 1 for 22 years, and president&CFO Hayata serves as a representative jointly with president&CEO Min Byung-hoon.

The newly appointed president&CFO Hayata will oversee the overall financial division of HLDS.

President&CFO Hayata, graduated from Waseda University’s Department of Political Economy in 1985 and joined Hitachi, Ltd. and is a financial expert who has worked in the finance sector for about 33 years. He also served as head of the Industries Audit Office at Hitachi, Ltd Connective Industries Business Headquarters and has experience working at Hitachi’s Chinese subsidiary, so he is well-versed in overseas finance.

“Based on our experience, we will actively support the innovation and advancement of the HLDS business to achieve the HLDS slogan ‘Data Solutions for a Better Life and Society,’ and at the same time, we will try to contribute to creating a sustainable society,” said president&CFO Hayata.

Brief Profile

Min Byung-hoon CEO

Current) December 2018~ President&CEO of Hitachi-LG Data Storage, Inc
Former) 2016.12~2017.12 LG Technology Strategy Team Leader/Executive Director (LG Group R&D Head officer)
Former) 2013.12~2015.12 LG Electronics HE Business Headquarters Convergence Audio Video Business Manager / Executive Director (Business Manager)

Makoto Hayata CFO

Current) 2023.04~ President&CFO of Hitachi-LG Data Storage, Inc
Former) 2020.04~2023.03 Hitachi, Ltd. Head of Industries Audit Office, Connective Industries Business General Headquarters
Former) 2018.04~2020.03 Hitachi, Ltd. Director of Sales and Management Division of the Financial Supervisory Headquarters
Former) 2014.04~2018.03 Hitachi, Ltd. Director of Financial Process Solutions. Finance General Headquarters