Hisense Unveils U8KL MiniLED TV: A Game-Changer in Viewer Interaction with Millimeter-wave Radar Integration

SHANGHAI, Sept. 27, 2023  /PRNewswire/ — On September 26, Hisense held its autumn new product launch, revealing its “Hi Champion ULED X MiniLED New Lineup”. Among the eagerly awaited releases was the U8 series TV, the U8KL, which boasts MiniLED visual quality. The U8KL is a groundbreaking product: China’s first MiniLED TV equipped with millimeter-wave (mmWave) radar technology, enabling intuitive and proactive user interactions and delivering an unparalleled sensory experience to a diverse audience.

Hisense TV Unveils U8KL MiniLED TV: A Game-Changer in Viewer Interaction with Millimeter-wave Radar Integration.

Revolutionary Fidelity: U8KL’s ULED X Ensures True-to-Creator Display in All Lighting Conditions

Built on Hisense’s ULED X perceptual image quality platform, the U8KL introduces cutting edge advancements in environmental and human perception modules, backlight, screen, and chipset technology. With its new 16bit light-sensing controls and RGB tricolor ambient light perception, the TV accurately det changes in ambient light brightness and color temperature. As a result, HDR movies and games are displayed with a fidelity that captures the original intentions and qualities of the content, ensuring viewers experience them as the creators intended. When coupled with the mmWave radar, it dynamically senses the viewer’s position and adjusts the audio-visual settings to match the surroundings. This ensures consistently optimal picture quality regardless of ambient conditions, vastly improving the viewing experience by preventing the screen from being too bright or too dim.

Additionally, the U8KL features over 2000 backlight zones, an XDR with 3300 nits (for the 85″ version) peak brightness, and a color gamut that exceeds 130%. The visuals produced are rich in blacks and crisp in brighter areas. Powered by the Xensiv X image quality chip, its advanced AI capabilities and image processing dynamically fine-tune the visuals to convey a sense of depth and realism. Finally, with its 178° ultra-wide angle Pro screen, viewers can appreciate superior picture quality from any vantage point.

Hisense TV Unveils U8KL MiniLED TV

Seamless & Intuitive: U8KL Elevates the Smart Home Viewing Experience

With mmWave radar perception, the U8KL intelligently adjusts audio-visual settings based on the viewer’s distance from the TV, their movement, and speed, ensuring seamless active interaction across various scenarios, including movie watching and fitness training:

Stepping away from the TV momentarily? U8KL detects when you’re not in front, automatically pausing the current program, and resuming playback upon your return. Often forget to switch off the TV? U8KL incorporates intelligent energy-saving functionalities, dimming the backlight after detecting no presence for a short duration and powering down after extended inactivity, conserving energy in the process. Want to keep tabs on your fitness routine? U8KL is equipped to monitor your exercise intensity. Any fitness content displayed can gauge calories burned, providing a smart approach to managing your fitness goals.

For more information about the new lineup, please visit  https://global.hisense.com/ .