Hikvision announces new audio product line, unveiling range of network speakers

HANGZHOU, China, Oct. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hikvision has recently unveiled its latest audio product line, featuring a variety of advanced network speakers. Drawing on its deep expertise in video technology, Hikvision further expands the business boundaries to incorporating audio capabilities into its comprehensive security solutions. This new product line promises users a smarter audio experience, enhanced security, simplified installation, and hassle-free after-sales service.

Hikvision announces new audio product line, unveils range of network speakers

The product line includes a diverse range of network speakers, spanning the network horn, ceiling, cabinet, and column models. Each product is designed to meet unique application needs, ensuring flexibility and adaptability across numerous environments.

Versatile broadcast modes for different applications

Hikvision’s network speakers offer a wide range of broadcast modes to cater to various scenarios, making them highly versatile. These modes include live broadcast, scheduled broadcast, alarm linkage broadcast, and emergency mustering linked broadcast. Whether used for security, paging & notifications, or background music, these speakers are proven invaluable in delivering important messages effectively. Imagine vital announcements in hospitals, facilitating emergency evacuation notifications or creating desired ambiance in shopping malls.

The power of “audio + video” security

By combining audio and video technologies, Hikvision provides customers with heightened protection, from post-event investigation to real-time deterrence and intervention. The synchronized audio and video responses to potential threats or incidents amplify alarm systems, significantly enhancing overall security measures. The powerful combination empowers security personnel to handle perimeter protection, danger prevention, and emergency response requirements with greater efficiency.

Easy operation and maintenance

Hikvision’s network speakers offer compatibility with HikCentral Professional software, NVRs, or third-party platforms, ensuring seamless integration into existing systems and unified management. The user-friendly interface supports batch device addition and upgrades, streamlining both operation and maintenance procedures. Additionally, remote configuration options provide added convenience and peace of mind.

Hikvision’s new audio product line represents its commitment to delivering innovative and reliable security solutions with extensive range of professional products and cutting-edge features. For more information, please visit the Hikvision product page.