High quality, free from the fear of travel test – AIMA electric vehicles from China are loved by consumers

TIANJIN, China, Aug. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, AIMA Technology, an electric two-wheeler brand from China, strengthened its global market layout. As the world’s largest electric two-wheeler production base, China’s exports of electric two-wheelers are favored by more and more consumers. As one of China’s electric two-wheeled vehicle head enterprises, AIMA electric vehicle has a good performance in different global markets such as China, North America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

The reason why AIMA electric vehicles can be loved by users around the world is inseparable from its excellent quality and excellent performance. In the electric two-wheeler industry for more than 20 years, Emma has always adhered to customer-oriented and quality first. At the production end, AIMA uses advanced intelligent technology to improve the production quality of each link. The product, from a little thing such as a screw to a whole vehicle, must go through the strict test and verification of the laboratory.

While striving for excellence and maintaining high quality, AIMA has empowered new electric vehicles such as Dollar, Mini Bear, Sweetie, Sweetie Plus through the core strength of the three-power system composed of core motor, electronic control and battery applications and innovative technology, which brings users a fast startup, sufficient power and long battery life experience.

Beginning with the needs of users, taking fashion as the base and science and technology as the principle, we continue to create a good quality vehicle with love for global users. AIMA electric vehicle is polishing the Chinese brand name card with the quality of excellence, so that more consumers fall in love with Chinese electric two-wheelers and enjoy the fun of free travel.