Hi2 Global Joins Forces with Percent: Elevating Investment Landscape with Tech-Enabled Asset Management

NEW YORK, Jan. 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Hi2 Global proudly announces a groundbreaking collaboration with Percent, a leader in revolutionizing private credit markets through innovative technology. This strategic partnership marks a pivotal moment in reshaping the landscape of private credit transactions.

Hi2 Global’s expertise in global asset allocation and Percent’s prowess in modernizing private credit converge to create a comprehensive solution. The collaboration focuses on deploying Percent’s core infrastructure to streamline the sourcing, structuring, syndication, surveillance, and servicing of private credit transactions. This end-to-end approach introduces efficiencies that were once exclusive to public markets, transforming the analog private credit market into a dynamic, technology-driven ecosystem.

“Our inaugural collaboration marks the beginning of an exciting partnership with Percent,” said Jerry Wang, CEO of Hi2 Global. “Beyond the excitement of a single transaction, what truly energizes us about this alliance is the potential our innovative approach and experienced leadership bring to the Percent platform. We eagerly anticipate offering a diverse array of investment choices to Percent investors.”

As Hi2 Global and Percent embark on this collaborative journey, industry participants and stakeholders are invited to explore the future of private credit. For more information about the partnership and its implications, please visit the official websites of Hi2 Global (www.hi2global.com) and Percent (www.percent.com).

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