HHOLOVE Launched the World’s First Companion Robot for Cats:O Sitter

HONG KONG, June 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Following the HHOGene GPods digital light earbuds, HHOLOVE, a rising digital pet brand under HHO, has launched the world’s first cat smart companion robot—O Sitter on Kickstarter, the world’s largest crowdfunding platform, on June 16 at 9am EST


With the integrated functions of AI Smart Life Recording, Interactive Companion, Reliable and Visible Feeding, O Sitter is a groundbreaking differentiated product that amazed the market. It is tailored for novice cat owners, frequent travel owners, and those who have to accompany their cats remotely sometimes. It helps users eliminate the anxiety when their cats being alone at home and allows them to stay with their furry friends anytime, anywhere. 

AI Daily Life Recording

O Sitter uses AI dynamic computing to automatically record the daily activities of cats such as hanging around, playing, eating and so on, which can be viewed from the app “HHOLOVE”, and it can generate a video collection of daily highlights to allow users easily access videos to share on their social media. 

Smart Gimbal Camera

O Sitter uses a high-speed silent gimbal camera, combines a laser and rich expression interaction design. Besides, with the pet auto follow algorithm, active cats can be detected as well.

In addition, it equipped with a 360° horizontal + 110° vertical panoramic view, gives the cat owner a clearer “digital” view with its 4x digital zoom. With an automatic tracking algorithm, O Sitter can detect the cat’s movement within 3 metres, so that you can quickly target where they are.

Guard Cats’ Important Moment in Need

It is particularly important for cats in early childhood, pregnancy, old age, and those who are ill to be kept informed of their status. A message will be sent when an abnormal state is detected such as your cat does not eat or show up for a long time. Users can also set “Do-not-disturb” mode with one click to protect privacy.

Amusing Cats by Laser

The build-in laser can be manipulated by cat owners via APP to accompany their cats for remote play. It is also available to select a preset laser motion track, freeing hands to achieve fully automatic cat teasing. 

Bidirectional Voice Interaction

Kittens have separation anxiety, and so do their owners. When the owner away from their cats, remote real-time voice interaction with the cat is made possible. The voice is highly reproducible, clear and smooth, as well as low latency, and the recorded voice can be extracted for one-click calling.

In addition to shooting videos of cats, teasing them, and voice calling with them, O Sitter is also a super intelligent automatic feeding machine. With O Sitter, there is no need to worry about cats not being fed or not eating well anymore.

Customized Feeding Plan

Owners can add their cats’ information on the app and choose a feeding plan, and there are corresponding feeding plans for kittens, mother cats and those on a diet. O Sitter will generate an exclusive daily feeding plan, with three meals a day, stable and regular, so no need to worry about traveling away from home anymore.

O Sitter is compatible with all types of freeze-dried cat food within 13mm, so that cat owners can mix freeze-dried to supplement their cats’ nutrition with confidence.

Even when the power failure it will automatically switch to battery-powered mode, and after the network is disconnected it will enter offline mode immediately, and the device will dispense food at regular intervals as scheduled.

Sustainable Packaging and Repurposed Cat House Design

If cats have any stubborn insistence, it must be that they do not sleep in a well-prepared house, but prefer to pick paper boxes. Don’t throw away the box of O Sitter, it is made with sustainable materials, just a few simple steps, you can create a creative and loved cats’ house. 

A cat’s life expectancy is only one-seventh that of a human; a day that a cat stays home is equivalent to seven days for a human. It may not be long for you to leave the house, but for your cat, it has been waiting for you for a long, long time. Don’t let love and companionship be absent.

O Sitter is available on on Kickstarter on June 16 at 9am EST, with discounts of up to 50% off. 


HHOLOVE is a smart pet brand under HHO Inc., an innovative tech start-up that is dedicated to digitalizing supply chain and help quality manufacturers build strong brands in cross-border e-Commerce business.

HHOLOVE is dedicated to use digital technology to make pet feeding and care easier, and smarter, to meet pets’ physical, safety, and social needs through various AI sensing systems and computing capabilities. Connecting pets with people, and with the world.

O Sitter is the world’s first smart companion robot for cats under HHOLOVE, it is the perfect way to give your furry friend the pampering they deserve with the features of AI Smart Life Recording, Interactive Companion, Reliable and Visible Feeding. With O Sitter, you will enjoy a worry-free cat care life.

Official Website: https://hholove.com