HGC and Cisco form a partnership to create Hybrid Work Solutions

Robust connectivity with professional services to empower agile and efficient business operations


Macroview Telecom, a HGC Group company (Macroview), is a focus partner of Cisco for Hybrid Work Solutions Macroview is the first to be certified with Cisco Hybrid Work Specialization in Hong Kong Three self-developed systems are ready to integrate with Cisco’s Hybrid Work Solutions to provide analysis with real-time, secure, and cost-efficient management

HONG KONG, March 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Enterprises around the world have adopted a new normal working model. Many local businesses have started hybrid working to align with this global trend. To support businesses transforming their IT infrastructure and meeting the demands in the new era, HGC Global Communications (HGC) is partnering with leading global technology provider Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) to offer Hybrid Workplace and PropTech solutions. This partnership brings advanced networking technologies and AI analytics together with HGC’s professional services, technical expertise and certifications— Macroview is the first to be certified with Cisco Hybrid Work Specialization in Hong Kong—to help local enterprises transform their daily operations, increase competitiveness, and drive agility with hybrid working.

Macroview Telecom, a HGC Group company, is a focus partner of Cisco for Hybrid Work Solutions

Technology is fundamental to the success of hybrid working. But only one-sixth of Hong Kong workers* believe their employers are technologically prepared to support hybrid working. Eighty-four percent of local workers stated network infrastructure is essential for a seamless working-from-home experience, but only 64% said their companies currently have the right networking infrastructure, indicating the significance of integrating IT infrastructure and related technologies for hybrid working.

As a digital technology solution arm under HGC, Macroview Telecom (Macroview) is a focus partner for Cisco Hybrid Work Solutions and the first in Hong Kong to be certified as Hybrid Work Specialization. This partnership has recently completed a few successful hybrid workplace projects in Hong Kong,  for MNCs as well as smaller local companies with hundreds of employees. Combining Cisco’s advanced networking technologies and equipment with its in-house developed systems, Macroview is offering AI and IoT-enabled facility management system to support hot desk and conference room reservation with temperature, lighting, and facilities control. These automated systems help enterprises to reduce manual approval processes, support remote or on-site working, and strengthen their operation efficiency.

“Cisco is a leading global technology provider with comprehensive enterprise networking solution, ranging from Wi-Fi routers and switches to smart cameras, telepresence systems, and sensors to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Our partnership complements each other to offer quality products and services, allowing enterprises to flexibly implement these solutions for agile business operations and enhanced service level,” said Alvin Wong, Chief Operating Officer – ICT Business, Solutions and Product, HGC Group.

Advanced technologies with professional services for flexibility and efficiency
Cisco’s centralized system supports remote management, allowing enterprises to protect their IT infrastructure with real-time monitoring. With cloud-based real-time security updates, businesses can ensure their hybrid working environments are secure and reliable. In addition, by combining Macroview’s 24×7 online support and on-site maintenance services with HGC’s enterprise connectivity, businesses can benefit from a simple, flexible, and secure hybrid workplace.

“The benefits of hybrid work are obvious, but there are hidden challenges. Enterprises often need experienced consultants for guidance. To help local businesses, Cisco and Macroview are delighted to partner and provide a series of flexible modular Hybrid Workplace solutions. Macroview has been a long-term partner of Cisco. and the latest certification has brought it closer. As a focus partner, Macroview can integrate Cisco’s leading networking and cloud technologies with its project management skills, system integration experiences, and quality managed services,” said Wilson Ching, General Manager, Hong Kong & Macau, Cisco.

Three in-house developed systems for easy customization
“Most enterprises have three major considerations before implementing hybrid working. First, they are looking to optimize cost and space efficiency. Secondly, they are looking for agility that allows them to quickly respond to any emergency and switch to work-from-home instantly. Lastly, they are looking for automation that provides analysis and enhancement to employee experiences,” said Wong. Given these considerations, Macroview has developed three applications to integrate different functions required for hybrid working together with the PropTech solutions.

LUCAS – Focuses on hot desking and facilities management, LUCAS also supports Cisco APIs, allowing enterprises to automatically assign the relevant facilities, like IP phones and telepresence systems, based on each employee’s work and meeting schedule. When connected to motion detectors or other facility sensors, LUCAS can also identify when the space is idle and automatically control lighting, air-conditioning, and other equipment accordingly to save energy.

MIDAS – As an open data and orchestration platform, MIDAS consolidates meta data and data from different sources to analyze the behaviors of different Cisco network users, providing insights into employees’ working patterns and office space utilization rate for managing the facilities accordingly.

SAIP – This IoT platform consolidates different environmental data like temperature and humidity, ensuring the performance of critical equipment and hardware in the data center. The AI-enabled monitoring system also provides alerts to ensure efficient IT operations.

These three applications are all customizable to fit different enterprises’ needs, like conference rooms reservation or remote content management for digital signages.

Stay agile with changing market landscape to protect ROI
As the economy is recovering, office rental, talent movement, and energy cost are all on the rise. This partnership between HGC and Cisco on hybrid workplace solutions aims to help enterprises stay agile, allowing them to react promptly toward any changes in the market landscape and business operations for optimal cost efficiency. “With the latest technologies, HGC’s Hybrid Workplace Solutions provide AI-enabled insights into users’ working patterns, enabling enterprises to continuously enhance employee experience, increase facility utilization rate and reduce cost. Any changes at the workplace, Cisco equipment can easily be relocated, assembled, and managed remotely, protecting businesses’ long-term infrastructure investment,” Wong concluded.

*Reference: Cisco Global Hybrid Work Study 2022

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Macroview integrates Cisco’s networking and cloud technologies with project management, system integration, and quality services expertise.