Heybike offers space saving and faster commutes with upgraded Mars 2.0 folding e-Bike

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Heybike has announced upgrades to its Mars e-Bike range, based on user feedback, just one year after the original was unveiled. The company is already very well-known for its wide range of fat-tire e-Bikes and the new Mars 2.0 is not going to disappoint those seeking all-terrain design with all the features needed for both comfort and safety.

The Heybike Mars is one of the most popular e-Bike models Heybike offers, with 30% of Heybike users now Mars enthusiasts and riders. This is likely thanks to the Mars design easily accommodating users whether they want to ride down a section of muddy trails, take their bike off-road or cycle across a sandy beachfront. Now the upgraded version, Mars 2.0, has been redesigned to offer what customers’ evolving demands include such as increased motor power, longer battery life and shorter charging time, spring shock absorber and even easier foldability.

The Mars 2.0 also provides users with the amount of traction needed to take on corners at a faster speed without any risk of slipping or sliding. This folding all-terrain e-Bike is built for adventure, with 20-inch x 4-inch fat tires, improving shock absorption, and giving better stability, and suspension off-road. It is also lightweight – making it perfect for carrying upstairs or throwing it into the back of your car or truck to take on vacation with you. Besides these, it also comes with a new DIY Pegboard at the back seat that allows you to decide what and how to carry on your ride.

As an upgrade to the original Mars the $1,199 price point is exceptional value for the extra capacity and new speed class (3 instead of 2) of the Mars 2.0. The original Heybike Mars had a maximum speed of 20 mph, but the upgraded Mars 2.0 can travel up to 28 mph, getting you to where you need to be quicker, but without sacrificing safety.Mars 2.0 can travel up to 45 miles per charge (PAS mode)72.5km on a single charge. Its removable 48V/12w.5A battery comes with a 54.6V/2A charger, giving you full power in less than 6 hours. While the Mars e-Bike had a 500W Hub Motor, the Mars 2.0 now has a 750W Hub Motor, for better handling and resistance, that can reach at up to 1200W.

The Mars 2.0 also offers mechanical brakes and pedal assistance 0-5. A folding e-Bike, the Mars 2.0 has a slimmer frame (75lbs) that can fit comfortably in your trunk or be taken on the bus or train if you’re commuting. Its 15 inch high step through frame is great for riders from 5’5″ to 6’3″.

Other notable features include mechanical brake handling, an LCD display, alloy wheels and 20 inch x 4 inch fat tires.The Mars 2.0 e-Bike by Heybike features front and rear lights, making them safer to ride in the early morning and later in the evening. This e-Bike also comes with front and rear fenders, to keep your clothes clean.

Jason Fang, CEO, Heybike, commented: “Even though the Mars model is a trail-loving e-Bike, it would also work just as well for commuters or those running errands around town. We took note of requests from customers for the inclusion of features such as a more powerful motor which the new Mars 2.0 model provides. We are always trying to redesign and innovate to give our customers what they want, but for an affordable price. The Mars 2.0 is sure to be popular as it is a comfortable and safe choice.”

The new Mars 2.0 will be priced at just $1,199, making it yet another affordable solution provided by Heybike that’s perfect for anyone looking to try out an e-Bike for the first time. Mars 2.0 will be on pre-sale and available from October 10th, 2023 via Heybike’s online

store: https://www.heybike.com/.

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