Hesai’s Lidars Get Top Marks for Data Security

PALO ALTO, Calif., Nov. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hesai Technology (Nasdaq: HSAI), the global leader in automotive lidar solutions, announced today that its two flagship products — Pandar128 robotaxi lidar and AT128 ADAS lidar for passenger cars – which are sold globally, including in the U.S., have been certified by independent, industry-leading, third-party technical testing bodies as data secure and incapable of being used for cyber attacks.

Hesai lidars cannot store or wirelessly transmit point cloud images, the 3D pictures that lidars generate of the environment around a vehicle. Hesai lidars transmit the point cloud images to a vehicle’s onboard computer via one-way secure cable transmission, ensuring data cannot be accessed outside of the vehicles in which they operate, which the two assessment reports confirmed. The point clouds generated by Hesai lidars are processed by a vehicle’s onboard computer in order to make intelligent driving decisions and avoid collisions. The data is owned, stored and controlled by a vehicle’s manufacturer and owner, not by the lidar maker.

TÜV Rheinland Assessment Report


DEKRA Assessment Report

TÜV Rheinland, the leading independent German technical testing organization with expertise in safety, efficiency and quality, assessed Hesai’s Pandar128 based on the cybersecurity certification standard and concluded: “Lidar Pandar128 does not have the capability to store point cloud data or send any point cloud data out of the vehicle.”

Recently, the Hesai Pandar128 became the world’s first lidar product to obtain ISO/SAE 21434 cybersecurity certification. This standard covers the entire lifecycle of a lidar, from conceptualization through development, production, and operation, to disposal.

Dekra, the world’s largest independent expert organization in the testing, inspection and certification sector, randomly selected Pandar128 and AT128 lidars from Hesai’s manufacturing facility and conducted a tear-down examination. Both units were taken apart and examined by Dekra. Dekra concluded: “1. The lidar has no wireless point cloud data transmission capabilities. 2. The lidar is not capable of storing point cloud images. 3. The lidar’s key components are supplied by US/EU manufacturers.”

“These separate reports from the world’s two leading independent testing bodies affirms what Hesai has consistently said – our lidars are no threat to the security of any nation,” said Hesai CEO and co-founder David Li. “We founded Hesai with the mission of making roads safer and saving lives by bringing affordable, high-performance lidars to everyone around the world.”

About Hesai

Hesai Technology (Nasdaq: HSAI) is a global leader in lidar solutions. The company’s lidar products enable a broad spectrum of applications including passenger and commercial vehicles with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), autonomous driving vehicles, and robotic applications such as last-mile delivery robots and AGVs. Hesai seamlessly integrates its in-house manufacturing process with lidar R&D and design, enabling rapid product iteration while ensuring high performance, high quality and affordability. The company has superior R&D capabilities across optics, mechanics, electronics, and software. Hesai has established offices in Shanghai, Palo Alto and Stuttgart, with customers spanning over 40 countries.