HENGDUAN EVO REPEL: 3-in-1 Professional Multifunctional Mosquito Repeller Lantern Meets All Outdoor Needs

LOS ANGELES, July 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Normally, outdoorsy people have to take many tools to acquire a rich and comfortable outdoor experience, the enormous quantity of which is super annoying. This inconvenience leads HENG DUAN company to develop a solution —— HENGDUAN EVO REPEL, a professional & multifunctional tool which is designed to simplify and enhance outdoor life. Whether you’re embarking on thrilling wilderness adventures or hosting a backyard reunion party, EVO REPEL always serves as the faithful guardian providing 24 hours of uninterrupted strong protection for all family members.

HENGDUAN EVO REPEL, the most professional & multifunctional 3-in-1 mosquito repeller lantern with portable power bank which meets all outdoor needs.

HENGDUAN EVO REPEL is a compact and versatile outdoor tool featuring three dominant functions: an intense mosquito repellent, an adjustable ultra-bright lantern, and a built-in 14400mAh power bank. Crafted with high-quality materials, it is anti-shock & IPX4 waterproof. It boasts proudly about its one-piece design with sleek military fashion look that  exudes practicality and simplicity. Weighing only 16.4 oz/465 g and measuring 6.02*2.75*1.18 inches/15.3*7*3 cm, EVO REPEL is incredibly portable and easy to carry.

Function 1: Ultra-Wide Range & Intense Outdoor Heat-Activated Mosquito Repellent

EVO REPEL is an ultra-wide range intense heat-activated mosquito repellent that perfectly suites all outdoor settings. It takes a mere 2 minutes to heat the mosquito repellent mats to the ideal temperature of 329°F, achieving the best diffusion of repellent mats. Additionally, it creates a protection zone in just 50 seconds consuming only 2.65w/h of electrical energy, which is far more efficient compared to other brands’ 10w consumption. The high mode of EVO REPEL covers a wide range of 30FT protection, making it an excellent addition to your backyard recreation, while the 10FT low mode is ideal to protect your tent life in the wild. For doubled mosquito repellent effects, users can insert two mosquito repellent mats simultaneously. Moreover, EVO REPEL is compatible with almost all the repellent mats on the market allowing users to choose the right mats to expel specific mosquito species.

Function 2: Adjustable Ultra-Bright Lantern with Multiple Color Temperatures

In the wild, sufficient lighting is crucial. Serving as an outstanding outdoor lantern, EVO REPEL is capable of illuminating a vast 200m² open grass area with 3000lm brightness, or is functional to use as a long-lasting 100 hrs’ flashlight. It offers four adjustable lighting modes (100lm/750lm/1500lm/3000lm) and five adjustable color temperatures (2500K/3300K/4200K/5100K/6000K) to suit various needs. Warm lighting sets the mood for a delightful house BBQ party, while cool lighting provides alertness and energy for field work, such as car repairs and night fishing.

Function 3: Portable Built-in 14400mAh Power Bank

EVO REPEL is an excellent power bank with a range of advantages including type-C fast charging, LED indicator lights, cordless rechargeable design, overcharging protection, and a massive 14400mAh battery  capacity, which is capable of charging an iPhone 14 up to five times!

Additionally, EVO REPEL is being prized for other exclusive designs, such as a 270° spinning handle, tripod connector, built-in magnets, and accidental touch protection. All of these features contribute to EVO REPEL’s outdoor versatility.

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