HELLO CYCLING Introduces ‘LIQUID eKYC’ for Age Verification of Specific Small Motorized Bicycles ‘Electric Cycles’ Available for Use

Instant access for users through automatic screening, also compatible with overseas passports for travelers

TOKYO, Jan. 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Liquid Inc., part of the ELEMENTS Group, is pleased to announce the introduction of the online identity verification service “LIQUID eKYC” for age verification required before riding “Electric Cycles” compatible with specified small motorized bicycles (hereinafter referred to as “specified small motorized bicycles”), which are available on “HELLO CYCLING,” one of the largest shared cycle platforms in Japan provided by OpenStreet Co., Ltd.

LIQUID eKYC is a service that automates identity verification operations through AI screening. It is characterized by the high accuracy of its image processing technology, which checks the quality of images of identity verification documents taken by users, and its OCR technology, which reads the text on the documents. The quality check of the captured image notifies the photographer in real time of any issues, such as ‘not fitting within the frame’, ‘insufficient brightness’, or ‘blurry’, etc. This encourages users to shoot smoothly and prevents them from leaving during the procedure.

Since its launch in 2016, OpenStreet’s HELLO CYCLING, one of Japan’s largest shared bicycle platforms, has expanded through partnerships with railroad and bus operators, as well as cooperative agreements with 115 local governments. The company has established 7,400 stations nationwide at transportation nodes, public facilities, living areas, and leisure facilities, serving 2.95 million customers.

Starting January 30, 2024, HELLO CYCLING plans to launch a sharing service for ‘Electric Cycles’. It is classified as specified small mopeds under the revised Road Traffic Act that came into effect on July 1, 2023. To use these specified small mopeds, users must submit age verification documents proving they are over 16 years old. With the AI review function of ‘LIQUID eKYC,’ users can automatically verify their age during account registration based on the identification documents they have captured. This allows users who want to use the ‘Electric Cycle’ immediately to do so without compromising convenience, and also enables efficient review processes. The service is also applicable to overseas passports, accommodating use by travelers.

About Liquid
Liquid aims to create a seamless world where all of the world’s approximately 8 billion people can easily and safely use all services as they are by automatic and ubiquitous authentication.  We provide our own Digital ID, KYC and Authentication service, where users can prove their identity anytime, anywhere in the world with their smartphone or face. We are expanding our service globally and use the know-how accumulated under the Japanese strict law and rule. We adapt our operations and services flexibly and quickly to changes in the required legal and security framework.

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