Hebei: Promoting Cloud Technology Adoption by Enterprises to Drive Digital, Smart and Internet-based Development

SHIJIAZHUANG, China, Dec. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Hebei Province released a set of data: the total number of enterprises in the region adopting cloud technologies has exceeded 90,000, with 21.2% of industrial equipment adopting cloud technologies. Hebei maintains the top spot nationwide for two consecutive years.

Cloud technologies refer to advanced technologies such as cloud computing and big data which can improve efficiency for enterprises. This year, Hebei, with a focus on increasing cloud technology adoption rate of enterprises, implemented projects like promoting industrial internet innovation and development, supporting quality enterprises in digital transformation. Also, the province continuously deepened the integration of new-generation information technology with the manufacturing industry, and strived to accelerate the digital, networked, and intelligent transformation of traditional industries.

In Chengde city, Jianlong Special Steel Co., Ltd. launched an intelligent manufacturing system for sintering machines, achieving a stability rate of sintered ore alkalinity of over 90%, an increase of 8.31%. In Zhangjiakou city, Tianyuan Special Glass introduced intelligent manufacturing technology, realizing digital management of the entire intelligent process from raw materials to selling finished products. In Xinji city, some fur and leather enterprises are pushing forward with transformation, adopting digital management in processes like dyeing, which leads to higher efficiency.

Data shows that the number of 5G base stations in Hebei has surpassed 160,000, preliminarily forming a 5G network system that meets industry needs. A total of 329 industrial internet platforms have been established, connecting 10.27 million industrial devices (sets) and serving 137,000 enterprises.

Going forward, Hebei will focus on large-scale industrial enterprises in traditional advantageous industries such as steel, equipment manufacturing, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and building materials. The province plans to cultivate a batch of provincial-level industrial internet projects, promoting new models like customization, platform-based design, intelligent production, and digital management. Meanwhile, it will encourage small and medium enterprises to accelerate the application of new-generation information technology, providing digital support for their specialized and new development. By 2025, the number of enterprises in the region adopting cloud technologies is expected to reach 100,000.

In the future, with more cloud technology services, Hebei’s steps towards a comprehensive green transformation will be steadier and faster, and more enterprises will “thrive in the clouds”.