Health supplement information app Pillwork set for launch in the first-half year

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pillwork releases its app Pillwork that allows people to easily compare and purchase health supplements in the first-half year.

Hybrid Healthcare startup PillWork

The app is designed to help consumers gain a highly reliable information of health supplements for purchase. Users can check information and reviews of health supplements in need after signing up. Plus, they can receive advice on products through chat with experts and AI curation.

Currently, the app carries information of about 20,000 products worldwide. It can also scan a pill bottle off the shelf and search the information of pill, shortening the time of purchase dramatically.

Pillwork is furnished with an objective ranking system. Users can share their opinion on the effect and flavor, as well as general information such as brand, place of origin, and instruction for use. The app also provides options for reading blogs, articles and encyclopedias. Users can gain more information using these options in their free time.

For users who have difficulties in searching products, the app provides product categories such as probiotics, vitamin, omega, iron, and ginseng. On top of that, it can identify a risk of taking a particular vitamin for a specific disease. For example, it enables users to spot a tiny label instruction of a pill bottle that may be unnoticed.

COO Young Cho of Pillwork said, “our motto is ‘to eat smart and live smart’. We expect the app, Pillwork to be the primary choice for consumers who purchase vitamins and other health supplements. The aim of the app is to allow users to obtain medical supplies without a prescription or needless bother, not substituting a qualified medical expert.”

For details of the app, Pillwork, please visit the website ( or download the app on an Android or iOS device.