Heading towards Net Zero carbon, SWAP Energi Indonesia collaborates with bp AKR Fuels Retail to accelerate Indonesia electrical vehicle ecosystem

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Aug. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The collaboration between PT. SWAP Energi Indonesia and bp AKR Fuels Retail has committed to provide battery swapping stations (SWAPPoin) for 2 wheels, electric-vehicles across bp service stations. Starting with bp Metland Cybercity Greenlake, electrical motorcycle users are now able to enjoy the easy process of swapping batteries. This collaboration aims to be the solution for electrical motorcycle commuters, as well to support the growth of electrical vehicle ecosystem in Indonesia.

PT. SWAP Energi Indonesia and bp AKR Fuels Retail has committed to provide battery swapping stations (SWAPPoin) for 2 wheels’ electric vehicle across bp service stations.

By synergizing with bp AKR Fuels Retail, SWAP Energi Indonesia provides the optimal solution for electrical motorcycle commuters. bp AKR Fuels Retail share the same opinion, where this collaboration will push the growth of the two-wheeler’s Infrastruktur Kendaraan Bermotor Listrik Berbasis Baterai (KBLBB) in Indonesia.

By providing innovation within transportation, the public’s need for mobility can now be fulfilled through electrical motorcycles. This collaboration between SWAP Energi Indonesia and bp AKR Fuels Retail demonstrates their commitment to the social life of the community and environment in Indonesia.

Irwan Tjahaja, founder of PT SWAP Energi Indonesia, states that the presence of Swap Points in bp AKR will become an important access point to electrical motorcycle users as they will be able to swap their batteries within a timeframe of 9 seconds, becoming the solution to range anxiety.

“We warmly welcome the collaboration between us and SWAP Energi Indonesia as an effort to reduce carbon emissions as well to create an eco-friendly environment for the general public. Through this commitment, bp as one of the largest integrated energy companies in Indonesia support battery swapping system (via the SWAP Points) in bp service stations to present a brighter future for the people of Indonesia, as well to collectively achieve our ambitions towards net zero target.” Said Peter Molloy, bp AKR Fuels Retail President Director.  

Currently SWAP Energi Indonesia is in close collaboration with SMOOT Motor Indonesia to showcase a “Smart” Electrical motorcycle which is fully integrated with SWAP’s Battery system and application, which is capable of features such as locating battery swapping stations.

Interestingly, SMOOT Electrical Motorcycle users are able to swap batteries in SWAP’s stations completely for free and they won’t have to worry about the batteries as they have a lifelong warranty.