Hbada E3 Ergonomic Office Chair Leads New Technology in Ergonomic Chairs

FONTANA, Calif., May 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In the office, sitting for a long time can lead to muscle tension and poor blood circulation in the body. When sitting incorrectly, it can also lead to extra pressure on the spine and neck, which can cause fatigue and pain.

Sitting for a long time can also lead to discomfort in the legs and back, and numbness in the lower back and legs.

Sedentary health issues have always been a hot topic of concern for office workers. This year, Hbada E3 innovates again and dedicates itself to technological research. The chair’s original T-shaped support system makes a great contribution to providing solutions for lower back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain. This time, the launch of Hbada E3 provides a new paradigm for the ergonomic chair industry, both in terms of technological innovation and user health concerns.

Since its inception, Hbada has insisted on building a professional healthy home brand driven by technological innovation, committed to the research of cutting-edge technology and ergonomics, with 30+ cooperation and sales regions around the world, over 10 million users around the world to choose from, and its own 300+ R&D patents. Over the years, Hbada ergonomic chairs continue to upgrade the application of new technologies and materials to provide users around the world with professional, ergonomically designed solutions to improve the state of sub-health of the body.

Unique T-shaped support system, specifically designed to solve the problem of sedentary triple pain.

Unique T-shaped support system makes the waist, shoulder and neck parts effectively supported. In order to allow consumers to have a better support experience, the T-shaped support system fits the human body curve, designed with different support modules, so that each part can be independently multi-directional adjustment, but also can be the role of each partition together!

In the T-shaped support system, to solve the problem of lower back pain, the 3-zone floating wing lumbar support provides 2 kinds of support: hard support by the mesh in the middle zone, and soft support by the two sides of the floating wing. The 3-zone floating wing lumbar support is designed with memory foam and protein leather to fit human’s body and keep supporting.

The 4-dimensional bi-axial headrest allows for multi-directional support to alleviate the problem of sedentary neck aches and pains. It adapts to the support needs of different heights and body types while better releasing pressure on the cervical spine. Different state of neck can be supported by the 4-dimensional bi-axial headrest which allows adjustment of left and right, front and back, and rotation.

The 6D mechanical armrest is designed for shoulder problems, with multi-dimensional adjustments to support the arm at all times to achieve shoulder pressure relief. It is suitable for many activity scenes such as office, entertainment and rest in modern life. It can be adjusted up and down, inside and outside, front and back, arbitrarily adjusted to the desktop to the appropriate height and distance to support the arm. The linkage seat back allows for synchronized tilting and arm support when leaning back.

Detailed design to create a comfortable ergonomic chair experience

Adaptive gravity sensing chassis, no need for hand adjustment, according to different weight size can automatically adjust the tilt resistance.

In the selection of material, the whole Hbada E3 adopts Air microporous breathing mesh, so that the back of the chair is more supportive, and the support and release of pressure are just right.

Hbada E3 also includes detailed settings such as seat depth adjustment, seat back adjustment, multi-position adjustment. People of different heights and weights can find the right support position, and the waist and back position is just right for fixed-point support.

140-degree large angle tilt back supports multi-position adjustment settings which caters to office, leisure, lunch break and other different needs. With protein leather footrest, it can relieve leg pressure and brings you comfortable lunch break and deep sleep.

How to Pause the Sedentary Discomfort? Hbada gives Hbada E3 as the answer. Hbada E3 is based on ergonomic research, relying on core technology support and incorporating the concept of health in product design and development, makes better integration of ergonomic technology into office chairs. Choose Hbada E3 to have more efficient and simple sedentary comfort.

Sale Price Details

Hbada E3 Ergonomic Office Chair can now be ordered directly from the official Hbada website by clicking on the purchase link. The product sale price is $549.99, click to inquire more. https://hbada.com/products/hbada-e3-wpa-ergonomic-chair-white

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3wC3WAm