Hanvon Technology Launches Groundbreaking Fourth-Generation BP Meter Based on Korotkoff Sound Method

A World Health Organization report highlights that a third of the global adult population suffers from hypertension, with nearly half undiagnosed due to inadequate blood pressure meters, posing significant health risks.

BEIJING, Feb. 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Hanvon Technology Co., Ltd., based in China, has launched the world’s first smart electronic BP Meter utilizing the Korotkoff sound method. This device integrates advanced sensor technology with artificial intelligence algorithms, overcomes the accuracy limitations of traditional electronic BP Meter, and achieves the precision of mercury sphygmomanometers; it starts a new era of Electronic BP Meters.

Inaccurate blood pressure measurement will lead to misdiagnosis or missed diagnosis of hypertension, even inappropriate treatment and cardiovascular disease risks. BP Meter with high accuracy is important to hypertension patients.

The Korotkoff sound method, developed by Russian physician Nikolai Korotkoff in 1905. Place a stethoscope at the underpart of the cuff; increase the cuff pressure to block blood; hear the impact sound of blood against the blood vessels (that is the Korotkoff sound) through the stethoscope during the cuff pressure drops to measure the blood pressure. Korotkoff sound method is considered as the gold standard of NIBP. However, its use is declined due to complexity and mercury risks. Most current electronic BP Meters use the oscillometric method to estimate blood pressure with oscillatory wave, which have big deviation.

Hanvon’s BP Meter bases on the Korotkoff sound method,uses proprietary pressure and piezoelectric sensors to accurately detect arterial position and sound wave changes from blood flow, utilizing a neural network-based deep learning model for precise systolic and diastolic pressure measurements and automatic categorization of blood pressure characteristics for personalized management. This simplifies the measurement process and ensure accurate data collection.

Clinical tests show Hanvon’s device achieves a mean difference of ±1 mmHg and a standard deviation of ±2 mmHg, significantly exceeding the ISO 81060-2:2018 standard, which allows a mean difference of ±5 mmHg and a standard deviation of ≤±8 mmHg. This precision offers healthcare professionals and patients reliable blood pressure information, help improving treatment outcomes and reducing potential risks associated with inaccuracies of oscillometric method, fix a major clinical challenge, and will provide significant impact for effective hypertension management.

Hanvon BP Meter with Korotkoff sound method is now available in China mainland, and is expected to enter the international market in the near future.