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Next Generation of Creativity with ZYX AI Designer

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — An AI-based digital design platform company notably recognized with an outstanding entry in the market, ZYX Technology, launched self-developed CAD(Computer-Aided Design) software ‘ZYXCAD’. ‘ZYXCAD’ is a digital platform which is perfectly compatible with general CAD software worldwide, features a familiar user interface(UI), and a convenient customer experience(CX). Referred to as the “Alternative CAD” in the domestic market, ZYXCAD is gaining broad attention from customers.

To help existing users easily adapt to ZYXCAD, boosting its compatibility and user convenience was the number one priority of the development. Also, it supports importing the IFC model files, an open file format used by BIM(Building Information Modeling) programs to enhance extensibility. While the domestic industry widely adopted foreign CAD software, ZYX Technology aimed to offer customer-oriented options.

Furthermore, ZYX Technology has developed an interior design solution based on CAD technology which minimizes repetitive tasks with an automated process, allowing designers to focus on more creative works. It enhances the efficiency of the design process through AI building performance analysis.

The ‘ZYX AI Designer’ allocates space according to architectural conditions established in the early design phase and analyzes various design alternatives by placing necessary furniture and facilities within the space. For instance, it extracts data about space from the interior design platform and automatically extracts essential data such as doors and rooms from drawings through AI. The collected data is transformed into a 3D model using CG technology, enabling interior designers to directly choose floor textures and types, and visualize the rendering result of the virtual designed space in 3D.

With ‘ZYX AI Designer’, users can improve the efficiency of the total design process especially in generating diverse interior choices and analyzing the space. AI technology enables the consideration of numerous different requirements from users automatically. Collaborating with the AI solution and CAD platform is one of the biggest innovations due to enterprising a new market by offering design options to the designers compared to the traditional design process, generating drawings by users.


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