SINGAPORE and KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Feb. 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Handshakes, a leading corporate data provider in Singapore, today announced that the S&P Global Market Intelligence Business Relationships dataset is now accessible on its award-winning network visualisation platform, Handshakes APP, to help businesses grasp an entire ecosystem of official commercial relationships for enhanced risk management.

Comprising over 780,000 global entities, the Business Relationships dataset identifies connections of a company’s key relationship types such as supplier, distributor, franchisee, lessor, licensee, creditor, collaborator, consultant and others among its network of stakeholders. The coverage includes over 2.75 million commercial relationships in top source countries and regions like United States, United Kingdom, China, Asia and more.

Apart from visualising business relationships on radial and interconnection maps on the Handshakes APP, the greatest value for professionals in risk and compliance lies in the ability to deep dive into a comprehensive network of business connections across multiple datasets, including Corporate Registry data of Singapore and Malaysia and Capital Markets data, at a glance, through the OneWorld feature on the platform. This allows users full visibility of their target portfolio both upstream and downstream, offering greater insights into potential business opportunities or enabling higher risk controls and management. Another notable feature of the Handshakes APP is its capability to flag entities facing regulatory, enforcement and disciplinary actions for which users may download specific RED list reports of such companies for thorough investigative checks.

“Partnering S&P Global Market Intelligence is a major milestone for Handshakes in our mission to help companies do business safely. The inclusion of their Business Relationships dataset expands our coverage beyond Southeast Asia to help our valued clients gain more insights globally,” affirmed Charles Poon, Co-Founder and Chief Products Officer at Handshakes.

The S&P Global Market Intelligence Business Relationships dataset is available on the Handshakes APP, Handshakes XPERT and Handshakes FUSE products. For more information or request for a free trial, visit www.handshakes.com.sg.

About Handshakes

Handshakes is an award-winning technology company trusted by regulators and FIs across the globe. Handshakes’ flagship product, Handshakes APP, specialises in corporate intelligence solutions which provide professionals in Risk and Compliance roles with real-time access to offi­cial Corporate Registry, Capital Markets and Litigation data. Combined with its proprietary visual network mapping technology, Handshakes helps organisations mitigate business risks and make safer decisions.

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