Haier Named No.1 Global Major Appliances Brand by Euromonitor International for 14th Consecutive Year

QINGDAO, China, Jan. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Haier Smart Home (“Haier”, Shanghai: 600690), the world’s leading home appliance brand and smart home ecosystem builder, has announced that the company has once again topped the rankings of global major appliances brands, according to the 2022 annual report released by Euromonitor International, the world’s leading independent provider of strategic market research. It is the 14th consecutive year that Haier has won this accolade, with the sales of Haier’s refrigerators, washing machines, freezers, and electric wine coolers also securing the number one spot.

Haier Named No.1 Global Major Appliances Brand by Euromonitor International for 14th Consecutive Year.

The remarkable sales performance in these four categories marks a new milestone for the company in the global major appliances market, as it marks the 15th consecutive year Haier has ranked first for refrigeration appliances, for home laundry appliances in 14 years, for wine coolers in 13 years, and for freezers in 12 years respectively.

For over thirty years, Haier has been a leading brand in home appliances, driving forward industry development with technological innovation. In the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), Haier will continue its mission to establish itself as a world-leading ecosystem brand, bringing high quality smart home technology to households around the world.

Amidst the global economic slowdown that has stunted customer spending, Haier has put customer needs at the center of its strategy by adapting a user-first approach and upgrading its brand ecosystem, bucking the trend to achieve steady growth through the year.

In 2022, Haier’s CASARTE retained its title as the number one high-end home appliance brand in China In Europe where the sales of the home appliance market fell by 8.8%, Haier saw an overall increase of 4.2%. The growth rate of Haier Smart Home has outperformed that of the industry in Australia for three years in a row, with sales seeing a 30% surge. The stellar performance of Haier Smart Home in Japan went against the industry’s slump, growing at a rate eight times faster than that of the entire market. Haier secured its position as one of Thailand’s top 3 home appliance brands, with a growth of 15%, despite the socioeconomic factors that held back the industry’s performance as a whole.

Three-Winged Bird, a Haier brand that provides bespoke solutions covering home appliances, furnishing and improvement, continues to upgrade its business model to become a one-stop smart home solution provider, offering a comprehensive smart home experience for users. To date, it has opened over 3,300 experience stores globally. Meanwhile, Haier’s smart home ecosystem powered by the Internet of Clothing (IoC) and the Internet of Food (IoF), the biggest of its kind in the world, saw major expansion in 2022. The IoC service has taken onboard more than 5,300 resource providers across 15 industries, offering a full-cycle smart experience covering washing, caring, managing, wearing, and purchasing to over 65 million users.

Additionally, Haier has established digital platforms for R&D, manufacturing, marketing, quality control, logistics and services. To support its goals of lowering costs and boosting operational efficiency, Haier has also established an operational system that incorporates platform-based design, intelligent manufacturing, Internet-based collaboration, customization, service extension and digital management to fuel its growth.  In addition, the company launched the Haier Ecosystem Innovation Park on December 29, 2022. The park, which combines IoT, big data, and 5G technology, is associated with state-level laboratories, serving as a hub that connects with world leading R&D resources and researchers.

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