H3C Makes Its Debut at International Modern Hospital Show 2022, Empowering Smart Healthcare

TOKYO, July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The International Modern Hospital Show 2022 (IMHS 2022) officially kicked off in Tokyo on July 13. By showcasing medical devices, medical information systems and healthcare services, the exhibition serves as a platform where global experts can discuss ways to promote the development of hospitals, health and welfare sectors in Japan. H3C presented “Efficient Healthcare” scenario-based solutions alongside a lineup of digital and intelligent solutions at the exhibition, comprehensively demonstrating H3C’s innovative capability in the field of smart healthcare to local customers and partners.

H3C brings its digital and intelligent solutions to International Modern Hospital Show 2022

Digital technologies are the key to improving the competitiveness of the medical industry. The Japanese government proposed in 2018 to create artificial intelligence (AI) hospitals in collaboration with industry leaders, universities and research institutions, with an anticipated investment exceeding 10 billion yen (approx. USD 70 million). It was planned that 10 demonstration hospitals would be equipped with AI medical systems by 2022. Challenged by Japan’s aging population and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an urgent need to develop a smart healthcare industry in Japan.

H3C attracts the attention of local customers and partners

H3C’s “Efficient Healthcare” solution, the integration of H3C UIS (HCI) and AD-Campus solution, can help users build a stable, efficient and open digital healthcare platform, laying the foundation for the organizations to deploy smart medical applications. The H3C UIS 7.0 HCI solution provides a shared, secure and green collaborative infrastructure that responds to ever-changing business. Also, H3C’s AD-Campus solution builds a two-layer network of “access layer + core layer” to realize intelligent network management and experience, including automatic online deployment, dynamic and strategized network access. In Japan, H3C’s digital solution has been deployed at the Medical Corporation Sapporo Heart Center, Sapporo Cardio Vascular Clinic, to tackle the challenges of data sharing, governance and security.

In addition, H3C’s latest enterprise-class AI-native Wi-Fi 7 AP product, leveraging its proprietary iRadio, iStation, iEdge and iHeal technologies, delivers a transmission rate of up to 18.44 Gbps, keeps network latency within 5 milliseconds (ms), and can support over 400 concurrent users. The product also increases channel utilization by 56%, terminal access efficiency by 33%, and the number of transmission channels by 220%, reducing the overall time needed for operation and maintenance (O&M) by 30%, meeting the digital transformation needs of smart hospitals and related sectors.

With full-stack products and cutting-edge, innovative technologies, H3C will continue to collaborate with local customers and partners to power the digital transformation and development of Japan’s healthcare and other sectors.