H3C Magic NX30 dual-band 3000Mbps Wi-Fi6 router is to be released

BEIJING, Jan. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — H3C Magic NX30 dual-band 3000Mbps Wi-Fi6 router, a new entry-level home router of New H3C Intelligence Terminal Co., Ltd. ,is to be released.

The NX30 adopts the latest Wi-Fi6 wireless protocol technologies. It provides a wireless transmission rate of 2976 Mbps in total, with the 2.4 GHz rate increased to 574 Mbps and the 5 GHz rate increased to 2402 Mbps. With four high-gain external antennas and support of EasyMesh, the router provides more flexible and wider coverage to meet the needs of various apartment types. Equipped with the Qualcomm professional chip, dual-core 1.0 GHz CPU, independent network acceleration engine NPU, as well as 256 MB DDR, the router supports a maximum of 256 terminal accesses, making your network more stable. The chip-exclusive CSA and SCS technologies and 2 MHz narrowband enhance the wireless anti-interference capability. The adoption of wireless IDS, anti-piggybacking, and the latest WPA3 encryption technology makes your network more secure.

Innovative vertical appearance, further performance improvement

The NX30 adopts an I-shape design, which creatively adjusts the angle between the antenna and the device to 180°. Compared with the traditional 90° L-shape design, I-shape increases the distance between the antenna and the metal PCB board to reduce the possibility of signal attenuation. This increases the signal field strength and makes the transmission performance more stable.

Vertically deployed, the NX30 provides three-dimensional heat dissipation and allows air flow to go through the unblocked rear panel. Equipped with a large-size metal heatsink, the router can effectively improve the heat dissipation efficiency and ensure stable operation. The external antennas are deployed strictly according to the golden section ratio of 1:0.618, and the antenna length is designed in proportion to the width of the device, which decreases inter-antenna interference and adds elegance to the outlook.

Qualcomm professional chip, stable operation and higher speed

H3C Magic NX30 is equipped with a Qualcomm dual-core 1 GHz CPU and a new generation professional chip with independent network acceleration engine NPU. It supports 12-channel dual-frequency concurrency and can provide stable network transmission when processing multiple applications concurrently. From the overall data point of view, the anti-interference ability of NX30 is improved by 30% overall, and the data forwarding speed is increased by 10%. The router supports a maximum of 256 terminal accesses and can easily cope with complicated scenarios with a large number of users and devices.

In addition, the dual-band total rate of the NX30 reaches 3000 Mbps, and the 5 GHz wireless rate is twice the rate of the AX1800 router. On the 5 GHz band, the router supports the 160 MHz ultra-high bandwidth, nearly doubled channel speed, and is compatible with 20M/40M/80MHz bandwidth access. At the same time, OFDMA technology is used to ensure highly efficient and fast data transmission. The router supports sending uplink and downlink data for up to eight terminals at one transmission with the network delay reduced by 36%.

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