H3C Helps Empower the Global Digital Economy with Localized Solutions

NUSA DUA, Bali, Feb. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — H3C NAVIGATE 2023 International Business Summit in Bali, Indonesia, from February 23 to 26, concluded with a focus on further promoting global exchanges and collaboration in digitalization and making it possible for all countries to truly benefit from digital transformation.

During the summit, the Technical Forum invited experts, scholars, and partners from around the world to participate in a detailed discussion on the trends and challenges facing digital development and to offer innovative solutions that advance the growth of the global digital economy.

Technology innovation is always a key factor that drives digital transformation globally. Meanwhile, the demands from end-users are also driving the evolution of technology locally. Qiao Yan, Vice President of H3C International Business and General Manager of the Product Solution and Marketing, shared how H3C makes technologies into localized solutions to meet the demand of different industry scenarios in his keynote address.

Qiao said that in 2022, H3C launched four scenario-based solutions — Synergy Working, Innovative Education, Efficient Healthcare, and Reliable Public Service. With the support of partners, these solutions have been deployed in various countries to help the customers improve organization efficiency. In 2023, H3C will also launch smart manufacturing scenario-based solution to improve productivity for the factories in the countries which are benefit from manufacturing booming. The solutions with related products are all from our shared technologies, based on four H3C Digital Solution Platforms — Cloud & AI Platform, Digital Infrastructure, Active Security, and Unified O&M.

“Each country has its own advantages and challenges of digitalization. We believe that only by localizing digital solutions with global shared advanced technologies, can we better serve the digital transformation of each country,” said Qiao.

“Cloud and AI Native” has been H3C’s core competency in the field of cloud and AI for many years. Liu Daogui, Director of H3C Cloud & AI Product Line, said that H3C has three key advantages in cloud and AI, including industry-specific scenarios, innovative solutions and successful experience, which, when bundled together, can enable the rapid implementation of digital transformation and applications in the healthcare, education, manufacturing, and other sectors, as well as support the expansion of the digital economy.

Wang Bin, Vice President of H3C and General Manager of Advanced Technology Research Institute, said that enterprise face new challenges of ITOM (IT Operation & Maintenance) in digital transformation, and AIOps brings new ideas to build unified O&M platform. H3C Unified Intelligent O&M Platform has four core capabilities — Aggregation, AIOps, Application-Driven and Agile Delivery. Through the micro-service platform, the platform can meet the needs of customers in full-domain operations scenarios. Based on ITOM+AI, it can meet the requirements of efficient operations of increasingly complex IT infrastructure. By leveraging application-centric monitoring methods, it can also ensure customer service quality of digital transformation. The event-driven architecture realizes end-to-end agile service delivery.

“H3C is always embracing continuous innovation with leading market share in China’s ITUO (IT Unified Operation) market. Through building and innovating on AIOps-driven unified intelligent O&M platform, H3C will help customers and partners across various industries together accelerate digital transformation,” said Wang.

At the forum, Li Yutao, General Manager of H3C Switch Product Line, also delivered a keynote speech themed “H3C Smart Campus, Improving the Efficiency of Smart Manufacturing”. He explained that H3C had developed an ultra-wide, intelligent, converged, trusted, and green smart campus network based on cloud-native architecture, as well as a future-oriented all-optical network portfolio, which can efficiently address the pain points of campus network application and management, and provide solid support for the digital transformation of manufactures in campus network.

Michael Zhao, General Manager of H3C WLAN Product Line, also highlighted the importance of campus network building in education and working scenarios. “H3C Hierarchical Wireless Solution, which is a scenario-based AD-Campus solution, can stimulate the imagination of Innovative Education and Synergy Working. Users can realize unified management, operation and control through the 4i technology (iRadio, iStation, iEdge and iHeal), which is the core technology of Hierarchical Wireless Solution, to deliver fast, stable and high-quality connectivity experience anytime, anywhere, for anyone.

Zhao said that relying on H3C products and solutions, proper deployment and 4i core technology, we will provide a top-notch Wi-Fi network. We are willing to work with partners and customers, push the boundaries of technology, and open more possibilities of learning and working.

The digital economy is giving the global economy a big boost as it recovers and expands after the pandemic. As it becomes more and more vital for businesses to undergo digital transformation, new market opportunities will open up for H3C and its partners. In the future, H3C will make more use of its cloud and AI native technologies, make more innovations on its products and technologies, grow its presence in international markets, and develop localized scenario-based solutions under the principle of “Partner First”. H3C will help its eco-partners and customers in achieving high-quality and sustainable digital transformation, together to witness the quality-driven growth of the global digital economy.