GYRO launches Distribution Robot, Surfwheel and GYROOR X3 at 2023 CES

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — GYRO will introduce a lineup of innovative smart mobility technology products–from GYRO Distribution Robot to personal electric mobility products called Surfwheel and GYROOR–at this year’s Consumer Technology Association CES 2023 conference, in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 5-8, 2023.

As stated by Jason C., CEO of GYRO, “We are excited to bring GYRO Distribution robots to hotels in the USA in 2023. We intend to offer a FREE-to-lease model so that all hotels and motels in the USA will be able to access such leading technologies to provide convenience to their guests via the latest AI enabled distribution robots. With this robot, guests at hotels can get prompt and convenient services 24/7.”

GYRO Distribution Robot

Designed to cater for hotels and restaurants, GYRO Distribution Robot provides the convenience of 24/7 delivery of room services and responsive food delivery at restaurants. GYRO-powered Distribution Robot achieves precise positioning and intelligent navigation through the dual function of lasers and vision. GYRO Distribution Robot enables precise delivery and intelligent service with obstacle avoidance, infrared detection, and touchless voice interaction to enable operation efficiency in hotels and restaurants.


Exploring becomes thrilling when you are surfing the land on a Surfwheel. The lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver around street corners. The LED lights shine through the city at night. Just by stepping out your front door and onto your Surfwheel, you will feel like you are surfing a wave or boarding down the side of a mountain. GYRO powered one-wheel electric skateboard Surfwheel is enabled by its own proprietary self-balancing algorithm to mimic surfing on land. Surfwheel delivers convenient, fun and safety features via patented technologies.

Unique Surfwheel Drifting Tire Tread – patent no. US10058765B2

Surfwheel Safety Wheels – patent no. US10065103B2

Surfwheel Foldable Design – patent no. US20180326294B2

Surfwheel Shock Absorber – patent no. US9789384B1


GYRO’s latest launch in electric mobility includes GYROOR X3. Gyroor X3 is one of the market’s safest and most convenient folding scooters. Its frame is made of aviation aluminum, which is light and easy to fold, making it portable. With a powerful 700W motor, the maximum speed is 21 mph, and the maximum range is 31 miles. The solid 12-inch explosion-proof tire is suitable for all terrain, and the three gears allow you to drive freely without worrying about traffic jams. Additionally, you can unlock and lock the scooter with the App without worrying about it being stolen. Whether you want to commute every day, do a city sightseeing, or just have a cup of coffee, Gyroor X3 can meet most of your daily needs.

VP of Product at GYRO, Ondy M, states, “The product line of Surfwheel offers a safe and fun choice for city ride, while GYROOR X3 is one of the best choices for short distance travel in the city, supported with replaceable battery. We are very excited to bring these exciting products and vision to the market in 2023.”


GYRO designs and develops sense and motion control mobility products, including Distribution Robot, Surfwheel, a one-wheel electric skateboard, and electric mobility scooters, GYROOR. In the past five years, GYRO has shipped over 1 million mobility products to global consumers. GYRO’s mission is to promote convenience in an individual’s activities by integrating mobility robots in their day-to-day life.

CES 2023 visitors can view the GYRO-powered products at the company’s booth in Central Hall, 19289. For media support, please email us at [email protected].

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