GYLD China Tour: Inviting International Youth to Explore Anhui’s Remarkable Cultural Wonders and Scientific Advancements

BEIJING, Nov. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A news report from

From November 9 to 12, the 2023 Global Young Leaders Dialogue (GYLD) China Tour made its way to Anhui. The event brought together about a dozen international young individuals from 10 countries to explore the unique charm of Anhui, delve into the province’s thriving scientific and technological innovations and bear witness to its remarkable achievements in high-quality development.

Anhui’s relentless pursuit of scientific and technological innovations has unveiled captivating wonders. The research seed is taking root and flourishing in Hefei, a prominent national pilot city for science and technology innovation and the capital city of Anhui Province. On the “Science Island” in Hefei, an enormous “jar” with a five-star red flag on top of it caught the attention of these international young individuals. This is the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST), also known as the “artificial sun” that scientists from the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (HFIPS) are working on. Through exchanges with young scientists from the HFIPS, the global young leaders acquired scientific knowledge about nuclear fusion energy, the promising energy source for future generations, and were thrilled by the HFIPS’s ambitious objective of “illuminating the ‘artificial sun’ with unrivaled brilliance.”

“I am very thrilled and feel privileged to personally visit the ‘artificial sun’ that shattered world record! It is truly a marvel!” exclaimed Pavle Mocilac, a Croatian professor from the School of Nuclear Science and Technology at Lanzhou University. “This gem of Chinese scientific endeavour is an important piece of puzzle that, once assembled will bring us into completely new world of energy abundancy,” he added.

Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets. Anhui has been dedicated to reinforcing eco-environmental conservation and fostering green and low-carbon development. While strolling through the ecologically diverse Shibalianwei Wetland, the global young leaders were captivated by the picturesque sight of abundant aquatic plants and birds gracefully gliding in the sky. Over the past few years, a remarkable restoration effort has been made to successfully revitalize 1,109.2 hectares of this wetland, and an impressive 117 bird species have been recorded in this region. This scenic spot truly presented the enchanting beauty of Anhui landscape to these guests. Meanwhile, Hefei is committed to building itself into a “City of New Energy Vehicles”, making the development of new energy vehicles an important path to achieve the goals of carbon dioxide emissions peak and carbon neutrality in China. At NIO’s second manufacturing plant in Hefei, the young leaders closely observed the production process of intelligent electric vehicles. They also had the opportunity to take test rides on the products and talk to the company’s leaders. This experience offered them valuable insights into the innovative practices employed to meet green and low-carbon development requirements in the new energy vehicle industry.

Mielnik Maciej Dominik from Poland, General Manager of Wuhan Haoduohuo International Logistics Company, also known by his Chinese name Hu Luobo, lauded: “In my perspective, NIO stands out as a premier new energy vehicle brand worldwide. With the growing popularity of electric vehicles, I eagerly anticipate witnessing NIO’s advancements in materials, batteries, and other aspects.”

Culture boasts a rich and vibrant history that transcends generations. The traditional Huizhou culture, in particular, seamlessly adapts and melds with the modern world through innovative approaches. Hongcun Village in Yixian County, with its densely arranged Huizhou-style architecture, beautifully narrates a tale of a millennium-long history to these young visitors. The awe-inspiring water culture, meandering through millennia, showcases the distinct allure of Huizhou. The global young leaders were also invited to participate in the opening ceremony of the 13th Anhui International Culture and Tourism Festival and the the Exhibition of Traditional Craftsmanship of China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. They had the opportunity to appreciate the exquisite beauty of the Guest Welcoming Pine amidst the enchanting mist of Mount Huangshan. During their trip to Anhui, the global young leaders shared their “Impressions of Anhui” through a series of pictures, depicting the blending of Anhui’s rich Chinese heritage with its international allure.

Anhui culture is endowed with an abundance of tangible and intangible cultural heritage,” stated Nicole Elizabeth Johnson, a senior designer from the United States who also goes by the Chinese name Xie Min. “Culture serves as a universal language, surpassing geographical and ethnic barriers, and plays a crucial role in acquainting ourselves with China and gaining a deeper understanding of it.”

The event was co-hosted by the Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies and the Information Office of Anhui Provincial People’s Government. As a dedicated exchange initiative organized within the Global Young Leaders Dialogue program, the GYLD China Tour seeks to foster a profound understanding of China by inviting young individuals from all over the world to explore diverse parts of the country. Through immersive experiences, the tour aims to cultivate meaningful connections, foster mutual friendships, and propel collective growth among participants.