KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, May 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — GVCO IP Sdn Bhd (a fully owned subsidiary of Wezmart International Berhad) premiers BPOSA260, a first of its kind software in Southeast Asia which aims to improve professionals’ work and lives in the region, at the INTA Annual Meeting 2023 in Singapore.

Standing in the middle is JJ Gow, Director of GVCO IP

With the rapid pace of technological advancements and the globalization of markets, safeguarding intellectual property has become an indispensable aspect of business strategy not only for large multinational companies, but for small and medium enterprises as well. As organizations navigate complex legal landscapes, efficient IP management and seamless workflow integration have become critical for maintaining a competitive edge.

GVCO IP aims to introduce the IP services module of BPOSA360, which has been designed at this stage to streamline and enhance trademark registration processes by firms and individuals alike with the company, underscoring the remarkable growth and paramount importance of IP in today’s global landscape.

Key features of the BPOSA360 IP Project and Workflow Management Software Module include:

1.Streamlined Trademark Registration Portfolio Management: The Module provides a centralized platform for managing all aspects of trademark registration portfolios. This allows users to effortlessly monitor deadlines, track applications, and ensure compliance, saving valuable time and resources.

2.Simplifying Enquiry Processes: The Module’s unique “chat-like” message board system enables users to keep track of all correspondence to and from the Company as well as having a bird’s eye-view of all uploaded files and exchange of messages. This ensures a proper tracking of instructions and feedback to nip any and all traditional communication issues in the bud.

3.Enhanced Security and Data Protection: With the ever-increasing risk of IP theft and cyber threats, BPOSA360 ensures robust security measures to safeguard sensitive intellectual assets. Industry-standard encryption, role-based access controls, and secure cloud storage options guarantee the utmost protection of confidential information.

“We are proud to introduce BPOSA360, an IP project and workflow management system that empowers organizations in streamlining their intellectual property processes with us like never before at the INTA Annual Meeting 2023,” said JJ Gow, a Director at GVCO IP. “With trademark files as a starting point, BPOSA360 is the ultimate tool for efficiently managing trademarks briefs which our clients have entrusted to us, and we aim to expand the functionalities of the solution to encompass all aspect of IP projects such as patents, copyrights, industrial designs etc.”

The INTA Annual Meeting 2023, known as the premier gathering of intellectual property professionals, provides an ideal platform for GVCO IP to showcase its software which is sure to maximize value for all of its clients. Industry leaders, legal experts, and IP professionals from around the world will have the opportunity to experience first-hand how this innovative solution can assist in their IP management practices with the Company.

To learn more about GVCO IP and BPOSA360 capabilities, visit Booth M12 at the INTA Annual Meeting 2023 in the Marina Bay Sands event hall from the 17th to 19th May or visit our website at www.wezmart.com/wxp

GVCO IP aims to be your premier partner in protecting your IP rights in Southeast Asia, with localized offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines (and counting) as well as associates all over the Globe, you can count on GVCO IP to deliver the best IP services to you at a competitive price point.