Guian New Area writes a new chapter in pursuing new industrialization

GUIAN, China, Sept. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A news report by

At present, a new round of sci-tech revolution and industrial transformation worldwide is greatly influencing production and people’s lives. The internet, big data and artificial intelligence are achieving more extensive and in-depth integration with the manufacturing industry. Traditional industries and manufacturing sector globally are being transformed and upgraded mainly toward intelligent manufacturing and services.

According to the Five-year Action Plan to Build Guiyang into a Strong Provincial Capital issued in 2021, Guian New Area in Guiyang will accelerate the development of new industrialization. With the policy support, Guian New Area is making great strides in pursuing high-quality development.

Focusing on industrial parks to unleash development vitality

In Yozosoft, the first enterprise to settle in Guiyang big data sci-tech innovation city, the software testing work is in full swing. It is reported that Yozosoft is a key software enterprise under the national planning and one of the first batch of enterprises included in the information technology innovation programs.

Located in the middle of Guian New Area, Guiyang big data sci-tech innovation city is one of the core areas where Guiyang and Guian integrate their development. The city is also an important platform built by Guian to pool digital industries and talents and display the achievements of digital economic growth.

The correspondent learned that since 2021, Guian New Area has focused on developing the industrial chain, actively made planning for industrial parks and accelerated their upgrading, and promoted the transformation from extensive to intensive, refined development of the parks. Guian has also worked vigorously on investment attraction, project construction and enterprise services to build the parks into main platforms for industrial development.

According to the Industrial Development Bureau of Guian New Area, the area has ensured that projects can be attracted, settle down and deliver efficiently by drawing on the experience of advanced industrial parks, forming professional industrial investment attraction teams, focusing on industrial chain and factory investment attraction, and providing enterprises with full life-cycle services. In addition, Guian, committed to park construction, has ensured the comprehensive supply of resources including land, power, factories and funds as well as supporting facilities like ecological conservation facilities, so as to create favorable conditions for the implementation of projects.

Recently, construction is underway for Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd., Zhongke Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. and other major projects in Guian New Area, which has made great contributions to building Guiyang into a strong provincial capital.

Redoubling efforts to create new industrial landscape

New Industrial Iron drill in workshop interior. Tool store or exposition stand

On the journey of promoting high-quality development of Guiyang through industry, Guian has firmly prioritized new industrialization, unswervingly redoubled efforts in industrial development, and strived to create new landscape where established enterprises play a leading role, micro, small and medium enterprises thrive, and innovative enterprises make pioneering breakthroughs.

It is reported that this year, Guian New Area will strive to attract more than 50 key industrial chain projects, start the construction of 100 projects, and put 100 projects into operation. Guian will develop a reserve of industrial enterprises above the designated size, and include more than 300 projects for cultivation, with a net increase of more than 200 enterprises above the designated size in a year. Guian will pool efforts to expand and strengthen the industries of electronic information manufacturing, advanced equipment manufacturing, new energy vehicles, health and medicine, pollution-free food with local features, phosphorus chemicals, as well as aluminum and aluminum processing, striving to achieve a total output value of 179 billion yuan.

In addition, Guian will promote online integration of the industrial parks’ one-stop service centers, and advance the reform to include all items subject to government approval into a “one-window” comprehensive government service platform. By doing so, Guian aims to further improve its business environment and deliver more target, solid results to more enterprises.

In 2022, Guian will firmly follow the idea of pursuing high-quality development, a strong provincial capital, new industrialization, and digital, green economy to upgrade the city with ecological progress, strengthen the city with industry, revitalize the city with digital economy and boost the city with talents. Guian will also focus on the “1+7+1” industries (central government enterprises manufacturing, electronic information manufacturing, advanced equipment manufacturing, new energy vehicles, health and medicine, pollution-free food with local features, phosphorus chemicals, aluminum and aluminum processing, and software information technology services) to promote new industrialization. It will cultivate four industries valued at hundreds of billions, namely big data software information service, electronic information manufacturing, advanced equipment manufacturing and new energy vehicles, so as to provide strong support for building Guiyang a strong provincial capital.

At present, Guian’s key industries are pooling strength and striding forward at a faster pace.