Guangxi promotes construction of China-ASEAN Information Port

The province releases a list of 29 projects that support the formation of the port

BEIJING, Nov. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A news report from CRIOnline:

Recently, a list of 29 digitally-enabled projects involving public services, technological innovation, cross-border trade, specialty services, and digital cultural exchanges was announced as examples of the collaboration between China’s Guangxi province and ASEAN during 2022.

As representative of public services, eight projects were selected, including the Online CAEXPO, data center clusters in the Philippines and Vietnam, and the China-ASEAN transaction data operation platform. Of note are the data center clusters in the Philippines and Vietnam, as both countries will benefit greatly from the clusters and further deepen their digital partnerships with China.

As for technological innovation, one among the five selected cases stood out for its ability to protect lives and property: the China-ASEAN Beidou-based cross-border geological disaster monitoring system, which addresses the challenge of high-precision measurement for landslide monitoring with dip changes and provides high-precision deformation monitoring of buildings in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The three projects selected in the cross-border trade segment include the digitally enabled cross-border e-commerce business incubation service system, the China-ASEAN cross-border credit service platform, and the China-ASEAN trade cooperation platform.

In addition, eight selected cases involved specialty services, including an intelligent identification system for Camellia oleifera pests in the Lancang-Mekong region, China-ASEAN intelligent big data-based voice and language service platform, and the ASEAN geological database. The five cases that were categorized as digital cultural exchanges include the China-ASEAN omnimedia publish platform for traditional medicine, an AI-based film and TV drama translation and production service for ASEAN countries, and China-ASEAN (Nanning) Drama Week.