Growatt Shines CES 2023 with Two Vital Reveals

Keeping up at CES 2023 with Growatt: thinking-forward releases of its two newest portable power stations

SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Growatt today unveils two portable power stations, VITA 550 and INFINITY 1300, which come in the wake of the success of the previous solar generator, INFINITY 1500. All these two options come with the LiFePO4 battery solution to ensure security and a long lifespan.

Growatt Shines CES 2023 with Two Vital Reveals

The Best Outdoor Companion – VITA 550

VITA 550 is the most portable yet powerful pick of the Growatt series. VITA 550 features a 538Wh battery capacity, 600W AC output, and 11 versatile outlets that allow its users to power most devices. On top of a 1.6-hour AC charging speed, it supports up to 800W solar input and can be fully charged in 2.5 hours. VITA 550 engages Growatt’s proprietary Watt+ technology, allowing it to power the devices under the rate of 1050W. With more customizable features like adjustable lighting and optional fast and slow charging, VITA 550 is redefined as an admirable companion for outdoor adventures.

Feature Winner – INFINITY 1300

INFINITY 1300 seamlessly inherits all style and appearance settings of its predecessor – INFINITY 1500, especially reliable UPS, battery expansion, and 14 output ports driven by the 1382W capacity to boot up most appliances. INFINITY 1300 proceeds INFINITY 1500’s incredible 1.8-hour fast AC charging and 800W solar input. It can be deemed as the feature winner since it integrates all the virtues of Growatt’s series.

These are all designed to make up Growatt’s product line, meeting all scenarios need for outdoor and home backup use. As the industry’s reliable and robust flagships, they deliver smarter power solutions for all portable power enthusiasts.

“We will continue revolutionizing the market, just as Growatt has done here with our latest announcement. What it successfully demoed at CES is just the start, and we’re excited to see what else can be broken through. Of course, we will accelerate the pace of product development and launch more portable power series!” said Lisa Zhang, Vice President of Marketing at Growatt.

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