Growatt Portable Power Station Officially Goes Live on Amazon

Growatt announces the launch of an Amazon store for their powerful solar generator & solar panels that harness endless power to light up the future of mankind

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Growatt, a global leading new energy brand, debuted Infinity 1500 on Amazon yesterday, with special launch deals to mark the occasion. Customers who purchase Infinity 1500 will enjoy a discount which was officially unveiled at Amazon on 2nd Nov. 0:00  (PST).

Growatt Portable Power Station Officially Goes Live on Amazon

The discount will be valid from 2nd to 16th. With a coupon of up to $500 off and a 20% special promo code, Infinity 1500 will be available at $1499 on Growatt

As a portable energy storage series complement to Growatt’s traditional installed solutions, Infinity 1500 features a 1512Wh capacity and 12 versatile outlets that allow users to power most devices. Owing to bi-directional inverter technology, it has a lightning-fast 2-hour wall charging speed. Its exceptional 800W solar input and 99% MPPT efficiency enable it to fully utilize the sunlight to achieve 2.5 hours of solar charging. Weighting only 16.5kg, it’s lighter than other similar-capacity rival products for greater portability. Other features like UPS and smart APP control are made to match more scenarios. Infinity 1500 can be purchased standalone from Amazon, while bundles including Growatt 100W/200W portable solar panels are also available – Covering whole needs for long-term outages and off-grid living.

“New product line aims to give end users greater energy independence in the face of rising green energy needs in various scenarios. We’ve been seeking a way to better understand and serve our users, as well as a more direct approach to connecting with them. An Amazon store could be the answer”, said Lisa Zhang, Vice President of Marketing at Growatt.

To celebrate the launch of the US Amazon Store, Growatt provides an exclusive offer of up to 40% off to help our users enjoy reliable and sustainable energy solutions from the brand. In addition, customers who purchase Infinity 1500 will also get a 100W solar panel, retailing at $240, for free.

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