Great Bay Bio Announces Official Launch of Site-Specific Integration Platform for Cell Line Development, AlfaCell®

HONG KONG, Oct. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Great Bay Bio (hereinafter referred to as “GBB”) today announces the official launch of its self-developed AI-enabled site-specific integration platform for cell line development (CLD), AlfaCell®. AlfaCell® platform has pioneered to integrate GBB’s proprietary AI technologies with cell line development techniques, which is a milestone in the AI-enabled bioprocessing development.

AlfaCell® platform intelligently combines the site-specific integration (SSI) technology and AI-enabled cell selection to accurately insert the target genes into stable, high expression and high quality specific “hot spot”, which significantly reduces time, effort, and cost in the CLD process. The clients’ data showed that the AlfaCell® platform has significant advantages in the areas of “yield, stability, simplicity and uniformity” for CLD.

Dr. Michael Chen, CEO of Great Bay Bio, commented, “AlfaCell® platform can quickly screen out stable and high-yield site-integrated host cell lines among hundreds of millions of cells. AlfaCell® platform, combined with GBB’s AI-enabled culture media development platform, AlfaMedX®, can significantly reduce the R&D time and workload of various biological drugs such as fusion proteins, monoclonal antibody, and bispecific antibody. AlfaCell® can also be applied to other fields, such as gene therapy, industrial enzyme preparations, cultured meat, and synthetic biology.”

The launch event of AlfaCell® platform will be held on October 11, 2022.

About Great Bay Bio

Great Bay Bio (GBB), headquartered in Hong Kong, was founded in 2019 with extensive footprint in the Greater Bay Area. Adhering to the corporate vision of “Global Bioprocessing Made Simpler and More Efficient”, GBB is committed to applying AI and other cutting-edge technologies to promote bioprocessing innovations, thus solve pain points, such as long timelines, high cost and low success rate, in drug development. GBB takes improving human life, health and value as its long-term goal.

The core team of GBB is composed of global talents with expertise in medicine, pharmacy, synthetic biology and AI. With a 3000 m2 R&D center and CMC platform, GBB has successfully pushed several biological drugs into the NDA stage, including national class 1 new drugs. During the three years since its establishment, GBB has applied for more than 30 patents for its AI empowered bioprocesses solutions. The resulting AI platforms were successfully commercialized, enabling GBB to establish long-term cooperation with many domestic and foreign leading enterprises.