Govee Launches Smart Air Quality Monitor Designed to Improve Consumers’ Living Space

The New Monitor Provides Users With a Comfortable and Healthy Home Environment When Paired with Other Govee Smart Home Appliances

HONG KONG, Nov. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Govee, a global innovator in smart home ecosystem technology, launched its first Smart Air Quality Monitor, designed to give users control over their spaces and enhance the overall quality of life within the home environment. With high-accuracy detection, the product tracks temperature, humidity, and fine particulate matter (PM 2.5).  The smart monitor is complemented by other Govee Smart Home products to optimally manage users’ preferences and provide them with utmost control of the overall health of their living space. 

Smart home ecosystem brings 24-hour care to the entire space

For an improved living experience, the Govee Smart Air Quality Monitor can be used in conjunction with the Govee Smart Air Purifier (13.6 inches), Govee Smart Air Purifier (11 inches), Govee Smart Humidifier, and Govee Smart Space Heater, empowering users to control and customize their settings for a healthy and comfortable smart home environment. When the Govee smart appliances work in unison with the monitor, users can set a target temperature and humidity via the Govee Home app. From there, all connected appliances will turn on automatically, allowing the monitor to detect the current indoor temperature and humidity, and adjust it based on the requested settings. In addition, when the smart monitor detects the room has reached the preferred setting, the connected appliances will run at a low power level to stabilize temperature and humidity–ultimately saving energy for users.

High accuracy to ensure a healthy living environment

The Govee Smart Air Quality Monitor also features high accuracy monitoring. The monitor updates every two seconds to ensure the current state of the air is reported and has the highest accuracy among the home air quality monitors now in the market. This is not only helpful but important when it comes to identifying PM 2.5, which the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) found is linked to cardiovascular and respiratory health. Natural occurrences, such as destructive wildfires, often have ultra-fine PM and pose the greatest health risk, as their size is small enough to access deep parts of human lungs. Having a Govee Smart Air Quality Monitor and Govee Smart Air Purifier ensures users’ environment is always safe and healthy.

Designed for easy, user-friendly operation

With poor indoor air quality linked to health ailments such as headaches, itchy eyes, runny nose and dry throat, among others, the Govee Smart Air Quality Monitor offers users peace of mind with its array of features and user-friendly operation, including:

A display screen combined with the Govee app, to help users understand the most common household air pollutant levels, including humidity, temperature and PM 2.5 The ability to check real-time data via Wi-Fi Real-time notifications in the Govee app Automatic historical data backup for users to set room preferences with other Govee smart home appliances Hands-free operation via the Govee app and Amazon Alexa integration Three levels of brightness offered by its premier display, and can display data in different colors Has a clock and show timers on the screen for a more casual display

Looking ahead, Govee will continue to explore more innovative and affordable smart products to create a smart home ecosystem, designed to further improve the living space at home.


The Smart Air Quality Monitor and its complementary smart home products make an excellent gift for the upcoming holiday season. The Govee Air Quality Monitor is available in the United States on and Amazon, for $59.99.

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