Google-backed learning app QANDA Unveils its First U.S. Product, Prep.Pie

Prep.Pie is a gen-ai-powered study tool designed to support U.S. college students’ exam preparation.

LOS ANGELES, March 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Mathpresso, creator of Asia’s leading learning app QANDA, unveiled their first U.S. targeted product today. Prep.Pie is a gen-ai-powered study tool designed to support U.S. college students’ exam preparation.

Google-backed learning app QANDA Unveils its First U.S. Product, Prep.Pie

Prep.Pie leverages generative AI integrated with QANDA’s core engine to deliver a highly personalized study aid aimed at enhancing study productivity. Students can upload their study materials, and Prep.Pie will generate a comprehensive preparation package tailored to their exam needs. After conducting over 300 detailed interviews with students in its closed beta phase, Prep.Pie has officially launched for USC and UCLA students.

Key features of Prep.Pie include:

Prep Notes: Reorganizes all key content based on the study materials uploaded for the upcoming exam and provides an easy-to-grasp overview. Prep Sets: Offers practice exams, detailed solutions, and relevant concept explanations. Quick Solver: Employs QANDA’s text and image recognition technologies to instantly solve problems using the QANDA database.

Additional features, including Prep Cards and Additional Explanations, will be introduced to the product in the first half of the year.

Prep.Pie is developed by Mathpresso, a developer of MathGPT, a math-specific large language model that broke the world record in various mathematical benchmarks last December. QANDA, its flagship app, is the largest AI-powered learning platform in Asia, incorporating OCR and LLM technologies to provide detailed solutions and study guides. This approach has cultivated a self-enforcing data flywheel, boasting over 90M registered users and handling 4-8 million queries daily. 90% of its user base is located outside Korea, with predominant clusters in Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand. Mathpresso raised $130 million to date from various partners including Google, ByteDance, Samsung Ventures, SBVA, Mirae Asset Venture, Goodwater, and GGV Capital.

Mathpresso aims to create the world’s premier AI tutor by enhancing AI capabilities and transforming it into a 1:1 tutor. Given the localized and diverse nature of educational content, influenced by hyperlocal factors such as teaching styles and school systems, there’s a risk of AI delivering content that lacks personalization. Prep.Pie focuses on the hyper-local aspects of education, addressing the specific needs of different schools, curriculums, and instructors.

Prep.Pie is now available by monthly subscription at USC and UCLA, with plans to expand to other West Coast universities for the first half of the year and a nationwide rollout by year’s end. It delivers unparalleled coverage and results in STEM and business subjects – domains where QANDA’s proficiency in numerical knowledge is prominently displayed.

“With the launch of Prep.Pie, we’re taking a major step forward in transforming how students study,” said Jake Yongjae Lee, CEO of Mathpresso. “By blending cutting-edge AI with our extensive experience as an edtech leader in Asia, we’re ready to bring a personalized educational experience in the US that is truly hyperlocal.”

About QANDA (Mathpresso)

Seoul-based edtech startup Mathpresso (QANDA) operates the AI-powered learning platform, QANDA. The app has gained 10 million monthly active users globally including South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. Leveraging QANDA’s vast database and traffic, Mathpresso plans to integrate its LLM-based AI tutor into its vertical services, including QANDA Tutor for tablet-based individual tutoring, and QANDA B2B & B2G SaaS, ensuring a deeply personalized educational experience for all students. Since 2015, Mathpresso has secured investments from Google, ByteDance, SBVA, and Samsung Venture Investment.