GobizKOREA holds “2022 GObizWEEK Promotion” for global buyers

Specials and various giveaways from Oct. 24 to Nov. 13

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GobizKOREA, an online B2B marketplace run by state-run Korea SMEs and Startups Agency, is holding 2022 GobizWEEK 2nd from October 24 to November 13 for global buyers.

GobizWEEK is a very useful promotion that is held twice a year to provide quality products of small and medium-sized companies to overseas buyers at a discount.

The campaign in this October will provide a range of products in all categories on GobizKOREA at a discount with a large-scale promotion involving SNS events to attract many overseas buyers and pull off a deal for export.

Overseas buyers can purchase a product at a discount of up to 70% when they post an inquiry on the product within the promotion period. In addition, in case of buyers, those who respond to a survey within the promotion page will be granted a gift such as Amazon gift-cards by lot.

Officials from GobizKOREA said, “We hope this promotion can show the superiority of Korean products to the world and forge a growth engine of Korean companies”.

For details of the promotion, click the link below.


GobizKOREA, an online B2B marketplace run by state-run Korea SMSs and Startups Agency, is providing a highly reliable trading support service at no cost to provide high-quality Korean products easily and quickly.

In particular, it is providing full practical services for both exporters and importers such as planning a virtual exhibition in line with the contactless trend, and discovering and matching a business for a product in need by working with trade experts.