Gobiz KOREA is headed for the 2022 GobizWEEK promotion for global buyers

It provides a variety of gifts as well as discounts up to 70% from Aug. 16 to Sep. 18.

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The 2022 GobizWEEK 1st is scheduled to be held from Aug. 16 to Sep. 18 by Gobiz KOREA, an online B2B marketplace which is operated by Korea SMEs and Startups Agency, a government agency.

Gobiz KOREA is headed for the 2022 GobizWEEK promotion for global buyers.

It announced that the event will be held during the same period of the 2022 Korea Accompanying Sale for a week from Sep. 1 through to 7th. The 2022 Korea Accompanying Sale is a large scale promotional event held by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups to help SMEs to promote and sell their products. The official said the concurrent event was planned for the GobizWeek to use a halo effect of the 2022 Korea Accompanying Sale.

GobizWeek, scheduled twice a year (B2C/B2B), is a useful promotion event where overseas buyers can get excellent Korean SMEs’ products at discounted prices.

Focused on B2C products, the upcoming campaign to be held this Aug. is planning a large scale promotion including discount benefits and participation events in order to help Korean companies promote various products and win a deal in exports. (B2B product promotion is planned in Oct.)

During the promotion, the overseas buyers who are registering inquiries on their products can get a deal at a discounted price up to 70%. Furthermore, the buyers participating in the survey posted in the promotion page can get freebies including Amazon gift cards by lot.

The official said, “I hope the promotion can serve as a great opportunity for Korean companies to create growth engines, introducing the excellence of Korean products to global buyers.”

For more details on the promotion, see the link below.


Gobiz KOREA, a B2B online marketplace, operated by the government agency Korea SMSs and Startups Agency is providing trade support with a high credibility for free in order to offer high quality Korean products fast and easily. It is giving support with realistic services to both importers and exporters, for example, planning a virtual exhibition in line with the untact trend and its trade professionals exploring appropriate products and matching businesses if buyers provide the information on the product they are seeking.

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